Rules & Regulations 

1. Attendance

A minimum of 90% attendance is mandatory. Any student whose attendance is below this , is liable to be debarred from appearing for the final examination.

2. Correspondence

    1. All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal. The student's class, house school code number must be clearly mentioned.

    2. Any change of address or telephone number must be notified to the Principal in writing .

3. Payment of Fee

The school dues must be paid in time so as to enable the student to appear for the half-yearly and the final examinations.

I Installment between 15th March to 31st March.

II Installment between 1st September to 30th September.

Delayed payment of fees will result in penalty being charged.

4. Allocation of Hostels

Allocation of the hostels to the students will be done at the discretion of the school.

5. Personal Belongings

  • 1. All personal belongings should be clearly marked with the student's name and school code number.

  • 2. Boarders are not permitted to have cell phones, expensive jewellery and cosmetics in their possession.

6. Personal Accident Cover

Every student is covered under personal accident cover. The school routine involves physical and other activities during the course of which a girl may be exposed to accidental injuries in spite of all precautions. The school will not be held responsible for any such eventuality.

7. Out of Bounds

The following places remain out of bounds for all the students:

    1. All roofs and terraces
    2. The kitchen, stores and staff room
    3. Hostel buildings during school hours
    4. Main gate
    5. Gajra Bhavan (front)
    6. Staff quarters
    7. Swimming pool (except under supervision)

8. Disobedience of School Regulations

  • Willful disobedience of school regulations and acts of gross behavior may attract consequences of suspension or withdrawal  from the school. In the case of Board exam batches, an errant student's parents may be asked to keep the student under personal care outside the school and appear for the board examination under their own arrangement.

  • The use of mobile phones/ cell phones on the campus by the students is strictly prohibited and may lead to an action.

  • Students, who are not punctual for any class, activity period or games, will be marked late in the Attendance Register. This will be communicated to the parents with the term results. The Class Teacher will give the offenders extra work as a consequence.

  • Loitering and talking in the school rooms, corridors, etc. during the school hours is prohibited.

  • Students must be very careful about their books and stationery. Students who are negligent will be charged for the lost or spoiled articles by debit to their personal account.

9. Leave and Visitors

(a) A calendar is issued to each student at the beginning of the academic year. Parents must refer to the calendar for information relating to functions, holidays, PTA meetings and schedule of tests and examinations.

(b) Overnight outings are permitted only with a parent and a grandparent under special permission by the Principal.

(c) Any boarder reporting late after the sanctioned leave is liable to have all subsequent outings during the term cancelled.

(d) Absence during the term is not in the interest of the students. Leave of absence will be granted only in the case of emergency.

(e) Visitors/ Parents are requested to deposit their mobile phones at the security office on the gate. 

(f)A student who avails medical leave should submit the medical certificate on the date of joining the school. Later on it will not be accepted.

(g) All leave applications must be addressed to the Principal well in advance and signed by the parents or the guardians only.

10. Health

(a) A cumulative Health Record for each boarder is maintained in the infirmary. At the time of admission, this record must be completed by a physician and duly signed by the parents. The school must be kept informed of any illness occurring during the vacation so that it can be entered in the record along with details of medication given. 

(b) Children are not be given any medicine to keep with them. Any boarder taking homeopathic medicine must inform the Nursing Sister. 

(c) Permission for mid-term medical checkups will be granted in exceptional cases or on the advice of our school doctor.

(d) Parents are advised to have their child's eyesight tested once a year during the vacation.

11. Money and Tuck

(a) Boarders are not permitted to keep money in their possession. Pocket money will be issued  by the school as and when required. Any cash found in a student's possession will be confiscated.

(b) No tuck is permitted, except Bournvita/Milo/Horlicks/ Boost. Food packets sent through post will be confiscated. Any food packets sent to the gate will be returned.

    (c) Toiletries are supplied through the school tuck-shop.

    (d) Boarders are not allowed to have any dealings with the photographer, any other vendor, peon or any other staff for any purchase.

    (e) Boarders are not permitted to have cell phones, expensive jewellery and cosmetic in their possession.

12. Uniforms

(a) During school hours, students must be in uniform. Thos who do not look neat and tidy will be sent back after the assembly. 

(b) Each girl is required to get two sets of coloured clothes. New students will need to bring six sets of coloured clothes to be used until their uniforms are issued to them.

(c) Garments such as mini skirts, sleeveless or strappy blouses and T-shirts are not allowed to be worn on the school campus.

(d) Shoes or sandals with high heels are not permitted.

(e) Boarders will wear only school and hostel uniforms on campus.

13. Classroom Ethics

(a) Classroom and furniture must be kept neat and tidy.

(b) Before leaving the classroom, the Class Monitor must switch off all the fans and the lights.

(c) Students should submit their classwork and homework note books regularly for correction and these will be scrutinized by the Principal.

14. School Ethics

(a) Students must not pluck flowers or fruits in the school compound.

(b) Students must wish the teachers in the morning every day. They should always be courteous respectful to every member of the staff.

(c) Students should not enter the Principal's room or the Staff room without permission. Loitering outside the office room is also prohibited. Students should not go to any of the Staff Quarters in the school compound, except on special occasions and with the permission of the Principal or the House Mistresses.  

(d) Students should not enter the Swimming Pool except during the hours and the days fixed. Swimming will be done only under the supervision of the Physical Education Teachers.

(e) Students should not bring any utensils or crockery to their rooms or school from the dining hall. 

15. Passport

Since the school is a member of international organizations like Round Square, there are many opportunities to travel abroad for conferences and exchanges. Every student is required to have a valid passport to qualify for the selection.

16. Birthdays

(a) Birthdays are celebrated every month in the house.

(b) Parents are not allowed to visit or take the daughters out on their birthdays.

(c) Parents may ring up their daughter to wish her on her birthday at 9:00 pm in the hostel.

17. Signing the Documents

Whenever the student is required to sign any paper , she should sign it after fully understanding it and should put the date.

18. Suggestions

Difficulties experienced by the students and suggestions for improving their welfare can be brought to the notice of the Principal through the Student Welfare Coordinator or  House Mistresses.

19. Withdrawal

(a) In case a student is to be withdrawn, an application to this effect must be made in writing within one week of the declaration of the results of the annual examination of class V- XI.

(b) Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all clearance formalities are completed including the clearance of dues.

(c) If a student admitted to the school as a boarder withdraws either from the hostel or the school during the term, she will forfeit the entire term fee paid.

(d) The School Leaving Certificate fee is Rs. 100. A duplicate will be issued on request against a payment of Rs. 100.

(e) Caution Money will be refunded in the next session following the session the student has left the school, and only to those for whom the school leaving certificate has been issued.