Emma's Visit to SKV 
I first arrived at SKV on Sunday the 10th of July and stayed for four weeks.  The campus is a lovely place to stay with lots of greenery and wildlife- there are an abundance of peacocks whose calls can be heard across the school. The busy schedule starts at 5:30am when the students wake up for morning games and rarely ends before midnight. During the last four weeks I have made many good friends, the students have been welcoming and  generous. I have had many opportunities to learn different skills, including Indian classical dance , sitar, painting of tribal art and fabric dyeing to name just a few. I have also enjoyed attending lessons with the 12th class, primarily physics maths and chemitry though I have also attended many other lessons such as psychology, biology, home science and history. 
I have also had the privilege of teaching some lessons of maths and science to the younger years- which has been challenging and rewarding- as well as attending their prep sessions and answering their questions in maths science english and french and running some extra problems solving classes for those students who are particularly interested. 
There have also been opportunities to visit sites in Gwalior such as the fort and museum and see more of the city which I found interesting. There are also activities in the school, such as movies on Sunday and the students are always happy to talk.
I am very glad that I chose to visit SKV and I would highly recommend this opportunity to any student who was interested .