Smart Class & Xseed Curriculum 
The School follows experience-based CBSE curriculum in classes V-XII. The curriculum ensures that learning requirements prescribed by NCERT and CBSE are met. Incorporating the essentials of CBSE board and the National Curriculum Framework, the curriculum places the child at the centre.

In classes V - VII, the school curriculum has been developed in partnership with iDiscovery Education. Called XSeed, the programme, unleashes the tender minds. The XSEED way of learning sets the foundation for a child's life as it ensures the child learns, knows, understands & applies. We use theme based learning and project based learning thereafter which not only reinforces understanding but also builds confidence. Teachers use e-learning modules to teach and strengthen complex concepts.

The school offers subjects of Science, Humanities and Commerce in Senior classes in addition to compulsory Core English.

Great emphasis is laid on technology intensive teaching. Audio visual aids like charts, models, audio cds & videos are used regularly for effective teaching.

Classrooms are equipped with Interactive Digital white boards connected to a Smart Class Knowledge Centre in the school building . A trained Programme Administrator ensures the  technical support for teachers. Also additional content developed by the teachers like Power Point presentations and graphics are  uploaded on the server. Students are exposed to world class teaching method.