IPSC Trust Leadership Development Workshop 2017 

 IPSC Trust Leadership Development Workshop 2017

(27th June - 29th June)


 IPSC Trust Leadership Development Workshop was held at Pinegrove School, Dharampur, Solan ,H.P from 27th June 2017 to 29th June 2017. 71 Delegates from 29 schools across the country attended the workshop. Mrs Ranjana Pathak and Mrs Radha Khanka represented Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior.The first day 28.06.17 began with Group Photograph followed by Inaugural session. CDR VK Banga, Chairman IPSC and Principal of the Mann school, Delhi began with the Welcome Address. His important message included that some leaders are born while others are nurtured. He also talked about qualities of a good leader which are willingness to accept challenges, to be able to convince, communication skills, make others follow you, thorough professional knowledge, honest to accept mistakes, optimism, approachable, rapport, risk ideas, sense of belongingness to your place-patriotism to your school.

Inaugural address was taken by Mr. Zahur H Zaidi, IPS (IG South Zone, H.P.) He said that education should prepare students to be future Leaders. An educator should respond to the changes in environment. He said that a good teacher is one who can understands his/her pupils and the pupils understands him/ her. Schools must provide a good learning environment. Education is all about Learning- facilitate learning. On Evaluation of learning he said that testing should be diagnostic and quantum. A good educator makes learning fun, brings out potential of each child, follows a  unique process and makes learning more interesting, he  creates favourable  learning conditions. He emphasized on Query Based Education.  He added that children should argue, debate, disagree, use their mind.  We must develop and give chance for creativity and not standardise.  Teachers must ignite curiosity, engage, provogue, innovate. Students should be prepared to make mistakes. Mistakes have to happen if the child  thinks originally. A good teacher values morality.  Children should be prepared to become  Global Citizens. After a cross question by Mr. Mehta about Tradition and Modernity, Mr. Zaidi said that the role of a teacher is to acquaint the children with our value systems and give them the freedom to make a considered choice.

  • ·         The 3rd Keynote speaker was Maj Gen. KVS Lalotra. He talked about Leadership at school. He talked about reasons for low achievement. He said that we need better leaders and teachers. A leader must go by heart and mind. Leadership means “Knowing what to do”. Management is doing the things right. He talked about Bhisma’s advice on leadership. He talked about Mahavakya- the eternal truth. A leader must  lead by examples. He said that Public schools are cradles of leadership where values like selflessness, courage to decide, will power to persist, initiative to be self starter and co-curricular activities are focused. He stressed on the fact that learning happens not only in the classrooms but also in assemblies, sports ground and through various other co-curricular activities.
  • ·         The 4th Keynote speaker was Dr. Jagpreet Singh who elaborated onTeam Management. Mr. Singh said that teamwork makes dreams work. He also said together everyone can achieve more. Trust your leaders. A good leader, according to him, is always ready to take risks.
  •       Gaurav Sood- Budget, Law & Finance. He talked about 1. Trust, 2. Society, 3. No Profit company Act.
  •       The 5th Keynote speaker was Vinay Pande who expressed his views on Mentoring. He said that  successful people never reach their goals alone. Leaders are learners. Mr Pande stated that the skills of mentoring are as follows:-

  • Captain A.J. Singh initiated a debate on the topic,’ Schools need Regulation and Fees needs Stipulation’. The delegates were divided into 8 groups and after discussion a Debate was conducted.
  • Some of the points for the motion were:-

  1.  Schools don’t fix Fees reasonably.
  2. Extra charges on every small pretext.
  3. Free Land given to Schools.
  4. True purpose of Education.
  5. Tree, blackboard chalk produce the best students.
  6. Education as a business.
  7. Nationalize Education, Private Education should be banned
25% representation under RTE.

Against the Motion:-

  1. Boarding Schools cannot be compared to Day Schools.
  2. Teachers not paid too well.
  3. Under paid staff, Tution houses will thrive.
  4. Eradicate Corruption then Stipulate

  • This was followed by an energy packed invigorating session by renowned personality
    development expert, Mr Amit Hans. He gave a session on confidence building and belief in one being a unique entity.
  • Mr Pawan Kumar Mutneja, another keynote speaker for the day discussed about the legal aspects in schools. He spoke at length about RTE, EPF, POSCO Act and other legal aspects vin school.
  • Colonel Sudhir Sinha told us the significance of student feedback forms. 
    Mrs Jyotsna Brar threw light on the intangibles of education. She discussed about the steps of becoming a leader. She reinforced the fact that education has become the last bastion of quality, integrity, justice, compassion and values.
  • Major General Mehta enlightened us with the tips on time management and integrity as an educator and leader.
  • The workshop was a highly enriching experience for all the delegates and the valuable lessons learnt will definitely help the participating future leaders prove to be true leaders igniting minds and preparing global citizens.