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AUG 13

Duration- 13th of Aug 2019 MJS Hall

In this day and age, we live in a visual world and both children and adults tend to define the world around them using their sense of sight. There is a part of the brain that controls this faculty – and to teach us how to use it effectively was the focus of a workshop organized by a team from 360 Degree Change Transformation Pvt. Ltd. in the school auditorium on 13th August. The team specializes in Mid-Brain Activation & Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Testing - DMIT. Interacting with students of classes VI to IX the spoke on topics concerning pineal gland activation, development of "Extra Sensory Perception" (commonly known as the third eye), the development of photographic memory, the development of quantum speed reading, chakra balancing and the development of "Neuro-Linguistic Programming". Students were amazed to learn that two of their school mates - Shraddha of Class VII and Udita of class VIII -have very successfully the ability to read blindfolded and identify colors by flipping through the pages of books. It was indeed an astonishing afternoon!

AUG 12

Duration- 12th of Aug 2019 MJS Hall

Among the many innovative activities introduced frequently at SKV, we witnessed the first Inter-House Taal Vaadya Kachchari competition on August 12, 2019. The event was a beautiful combination of tabla, congo and kahon instruments. Our musicians from four houses gracefully began their performances by Tihaye and Kayda followed by solo performances of Kahon and congo. They summed it up with powerful Juganbandi between the tabla and congo-kahon players. They kept the audience tapping their feet to the beats and melodies.

AUG 11

Duration- 11th of Aug 2019 MJS Hall

Out Of The Box Productions presented the play "Kaise Karenge" in the school auditorium on 11th August 2019. It featured veteran actors Abhishek Patnaik, Darsheel Safari and Prakash Gupta and was directed by Suketu Shah. It was an entertaining play with a serious message that delves into the problems faced by individuals suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder and those who love and look after them. It brought about awareness into what is inappropriately termed as "madness" but in fact is quite the contrary. The play shows that those faced with this challenge have hidden depths and can be sensitive and talented souls. The play featured an ensemble cast, with the characterizations depicted from within and effectively brought to life with the right blend of histrionics and psychology. During an interactive session the audience was surprised to learn about the long and rigorous practices the cast undertook, and also how the concept of the theme evolved from mundane experiences to eventually take the form of the powerful drama that was witnessed. The production was impeccable and the audience was led through a roller coaster of emotions ranging from humour to empathy and love. The curtain went down to a thunderous round of applause.

AUG 10

Duration- 10th of Aug 2019 MJS Hall

Despite their tiring and jam-packed routine, SKVians always manage find time to entertain the whole school. The collective talents of Madhavi House was well on display on August 10th, 2019, when they added the right mixture of dance, music, and laughter to brighten up the weekend with their entertainment night. With an eye on Bollywood, the performance featured a mini-awards show. The witty dialogues, the foot-tapping songs, the energetic dances, the rapid-fire rounds and, most importantly, the advertisement breaks, created a vivacious and sparkling extravaganza that was enjoyed by all.

AUG 08

Duration- 8th-9th of Aug 2019 Radiant School, Gwalior

Since ancient times, Yoga has been a prominent feature of Indian Culture. It comprises a set of practices of the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The practicians of Yoga strongly believe in the oneness of the individual with his/her spirit. Yet another activity to preserve Indian culture at SKV is yoga. 16 girls of yoga participated in Yoga Districts which was organised at the Radiant School, Gwalior on 8th and 9th August 2019. Gauravi Yadav and Pratha Agrawal bagged the 2nd and the 3rd position respectively in the under 17 individuals category. The participants also brought 5 gold medals in the under 17 team category. They now aim to spread further awareness about the importance of Yoga in today's Era, and how physical, mental and spiritual wellness has become of utmost importance.

Duration- 8th of Aug 2019 Conference Room

The teacher at SKV strongly believe that learning is a life-long process. Carrying this forth 'मानक वर्तनी' a workshop for the faculty of the Indian Languages department, was organised on August 8. Dr Rajrani Sharma, Head of Department Hindi at KRG College, Gwalior, very effectively conducted the session. She thoroughly explained the concepts of रस ,वर्तनी ,वर्ण विन्यास , वाक्य ,उच्चारण स्थान वाच्य and added situational examples from our routine lifestyles to illustrate her presentation and make relevant to us. Her PowerPoint Presentation also focused on the commonly occurring grammatical errors. Literary concepts were discussed in detail. The teachers of SKV then shared self-composed poems with each other, bringing the workshop to a close. Besides being enjoyable for all who attended, the participants learned that teaching and learning can be both fun and enlightening.

AUG 07

Duration- 7th of Aug 2019 Conference Room

The initiative of 'Hub of Learning' emphasized on empowering women in a workshop held on August 7. Students and teachers from four schools from across Gwalior participated. The importance of menstrual hygiene and starting up business plan units to make sanitary napkins were discussed in depth. All students made sanitary napkins under our project 'Sankalp'. The event proved yet again that as the 'Charkha' was to Gandhiji, so is 'Sankalp' to SKV.

Duration- 7th of Aug 2019 DB Mall

From quiet and dusty villages of various regions of the country, 30 brilliant but underprivileged students passionate for education clear the IIT examination every year. The innovative concept of the 'Super 30' coaching has made this possible initiated by Mr Anand Kumar, who has brought about a change in our educational society by his significant contribution. In an effort to educate our students about the importance of dedication, sincerity, practical application of education and being grateful for the resources available to them, the entire student body accompanied by teachers attended the screening of the movie 'Super 30'. The movie infused a sense of responsibility and empathy in our students, motivating them to work harder and make optimum use of opportunities.

Duration- 7th-8th of Aug 2019

The Jindal Art Fest has become a part of the Annual Calendar over the years. This year, the event took place in the course of 2 days. With the ice-breaking session, 13 schools came together for the love of art. The fest is known for the very innovative competitions it conducts. Our girls earned the 2nd position in Folk dance, Sculpture making, and Table-runner embroidery. They gracefully presented a Rajasthani folk dance and sculpted the overwhelming emotions of a cheerful grandfather embracing his granddaughter. They also earned 3rd positions in Mehndi designing and fireless cooking. They decorated the hands of models with bridal designs and assembled curd nutty rolls. They also a consolation prize in Rangoli making.

AUG 06

Duration- 6th of Aug 2019 Neill world School, Morena

"The man who swims against the stream, knows the strength of it". The SKV girls have participated at various levels of swimming competition. Recently, 11 girls of our school participated in the Swimming Divisions which was held at Neill world School, Morena on 6th of August 2019. The school performed extremely well and won a total of 27 medals.

Duration- 6th of Aug 2019 Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie

The 6th Edition of the 'Negotium Agon' was held at the Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie, wherein five young business women from our grade XII participated. 27th of July marked the beginning of the event. The enriching activities included the Business quiz, Veiling, which was the Auction round, Vine video making, Creation Ae Logo, which included logo designing and tagline making and Annuncio, the enactment round. Ishita Bansal also brought laurels to the school by winning the Outstanding Performance Award in the Vine video round. The spirit of competition was set aside by the feeling of mutual coordination and oneness among the participants of all the schools in the beautiful heartland of Uttarakhand.

Duration- 6th-7th of Aug 2019 Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls' School, Jaipur

Jaipur, home to some of the most beautiful monuments and forts in India, played host to our tech-kids in the 'Tech-nech IT Fest 2019' head at Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls' School on 6th-7th August 2019. The fest, spread across 2days, consisting of six events where our girls participated. The Digital Ocean, Multimedia Presentation, Computer Whiz Kid, Digital Cartooning, Quizee Bee Buzz and Rights Camera Action-Movie Making were among the various competitions, all based on the innovative theme of- 'Lead the Change'. Despite being interrupted by rain, the participants beautifully captured sights at the campus of MGD in the movie-making competition. The unique ideas of SKVinas gained appreciation from various judges time and again. The fest ended with a dinner with the Principal, where the games and fun activities added just the right amount of laughter and delight to this enriching event in the Pink City.

AUG 05

Duration - 5th-8th of Aug 2019 Emerald Heights School, Indore

Educational primarily means mental and physical growth, and the sport of volleyball provides the perfect example for this. It not only checks the physical strength of a player but also the mental acumen. 12 of our girls participated in IPSC volleyball organised by the Emerald Heights School, Indore from 5th of August to 8th of August 2019. The girls were exposed to a lot of competition in the matches and learn new skills and tactics.

5th of Aug 2019 MJS Hall

To enhance the self-expression skills of our budding tale-tellers, the inter-class story-telling competition was conducted on August 5, for classes VI and VII. The participants were judged on the basis of Voice Mechanics, Non- Verbal Communication and added their own elements of creativity to their stories, which enhanced their imagination, and writing skills. The prize-winner were:- Class VI 1st- Aarnvi Chauhan, 2nd-Rishika Singhania, 3rd- Sanjukta Chakraborty and Arya Pathradikar Class VII 1st- Manaswi Mudgal, 2nd- Snehal, 3rd- Shraddha Agrawal

5th of Aug 2019 Computer Lab

The inter-house Flash/PowerPoint competition took place on August 5, where 2 girls from each house participated. They worked on PowerPoint 2016 and 2019 softwares, and created a 3-4 minute presentation on the topic 'Go Green'.

Duration- 5th of Aug 2019 MJS

Even turning sides becomes a skill when it comes to the inter-house English turncoat debate competition. The event, held on August 5, was conducted in the block-and-tackle form of debate, where the participants frequently spoke on topics like elections, women leaders and followers, privatisation, celebrities as role models, reservation, examination and artificial intelligence and then spontaneously turn sides and contradicted their own facts.

Duration- 5th of Aug 2019 MJS

The annual Inter-House patriotic song competition was held on the 5th of August 2019. All the four houses provided stirring melodies dedicated to our nation, and gracefully performed them with great aplomb and dedication.

AUG 04

Duration- 4th of Aug 2019 MJS Hall

SKV believes that educating the students is a collaborative effort carried by both the parents and the school. Major Sonam Bakshi, a member of the parent body, visited us on August 4, and shared her proud and inspirational experiences and learnings serving the Indian Army, and her journey from being an army officer to working in the corporate sector. She also enlightened the students about summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and briefed them about the do's and don'ts of the trip.

AUG 03

Duration- 3rd of Aug 2019

On the 3rd of August, we were visited by Mr. Manoj Dawrani along with other representatives from the Career Launcher, Gwalior, to brief the students about the coaching programmes beginning at SKV. The Career Launcher is one of Asia's leading educational services, led by IIT-IIM alumni passionate about education. They enlightened the students of classes 10th and 11th about the significance of proper guidance and coaching's, the courses suitable for their career aspirations, and the CLAT, SAT and Management Coaching's that will be conducted in our school.

AUG 02

Duration- 2nd of Aug 2019 Cricket Field

The collective strength of student body were put to test on the 2nd of August in the friendly Tug of war Competition. Eight participants from each house put in all their strength to tug on the rope, followed by the very interesting match between the students and their sports coaches. The school saw this fun and healthy competition and supported by the hearty laughter and cheers of the audience, after which the Principal ma'am distributed the prizes to the respective winners. The fierce rivalry was tinged with humour and laughter especially during the staff vs. students' round.

AUG 01

Duration- 1st of Aug 2019 MJS Hall

We, at SKV, actively keep students aware of the vast opportunities that await them for higher education. The college fair held on the 1st of August added to this initiative, where representative from 22 reputed colleges and universities, national and international, briefed students about the courses offered, the specialities of their institutes, how to apply for admissions, as well as the various scholarship programmes. Among the renowned institutes were The Gurukul School of Design, The Ashoka University, Student-In-UK, Essex University, Queen Mary London, University of Nottingham and Jindal Law University.

JUL 30

Duration- 30th of July 2019 MJS Hall

After 2 months of observation, the newly elected Student Council members for the year 2019-20 were ceremonially inducted at the Investiture ceremony held on the 30th of July. Our student representatives were invested with the responsibility of leading the student body. Saches & badges were conferred on them as they proudly held their flags and took an oath to sincerely uphold their responsibilities. The new office-bearers are:- Head Girl- Ms. Diki Choden Bhutia Vice Head Girl- Ms Sandeepani Swaroop Vatsa Games Captain- Ms. Sneha Patel Secretary Students Welfare- Ms. Jahnavi Khemka Secretary School Events- Ms. Somya Shivani Editor-in-chief- Ms. Yagya Rai Round Square Coordinator- Ms. Palomi Jain Captain Madhavi House- Ms. Richa Shree Captain Usha House- Ms. Bhumika Chhetri Captain Vasundhara House- Ms. Divya Subba Captain Yashodhara House- Ms. Lakhmith Sherpa Games Vie- Captain- Ms. Sweety Rajoriya and Sleemit Lepcha Vice Captain Madhavi House- Ms. Bhumika Singh and Ms. Disha Agrawal Vice Captain Usha House- Ms. Vama Maloo and Ms. Paki Gupta Vice Captain Vasundhara House- Ms. Kaavya Sharma and Ms. Simran Jyot Kaur Vice Captain Yashodhara House- Ms. Samridhi Rai and Ms. Haripriya Gupta Games Prefects- Ms. Chinmayee Tiwari and Ms. Raina Tiwari Prefects Madhavi House- Ms. Surbhi Bindra and Ms. Sanvi Prefects Usha House- Ms. Navya Mishra and Ms. Sudiksha Agrawal Prefects Vasundhara House- Ms. Nandini Agrawal and Ms. Vrinda Bansal Prefects Yashodhara House- Ms. Shreya Prasad and Ms. Plakshya Gargsya

JUL 29

Duration- 29th of July 2019 SKV

All the skills of teamwork, discipline and determination were well utilised and portrayed during the Inter-House cricket competition. The event stretched from the 29th to the 31st of July, and was conducted in the form of knock-out matches.

Duration- 29th of July 2019 SKV

As rains continue to enhance the beauty of our campus, an initiative for the tree plantation was taken on 29th of July in our school. Around 83 students of class VIII participated in this drive and hundred saplings of different varieties of plants like Rubber plant, crotons, Dresena, mini Aycus etc were planted beside the temple.

Duration- 29th-30th of July 2019 MJS Hall

At the English one-act play competition held on the 29th and 30th of July, each house worked hard to present to an audience various attitudes of human nature parcelled as entertaining comedies. Each house was given 25mins where they brought live before us what happens when a man is married to a dumb wife, a sales man trying to sell a dictionary to an illiterate family, a highly strong military man who is terrified by a young girl and a man who finds life difficult after sneezing on his boss.

Duration- 29th of July 2019 MJS Hall

Zoya Rakeshi, a student from class IX, has embarked on her journey of 'Arangetram' as a Bharatanatyam dance student, and the whole school is proud of her. 'Arangetram' is the first on stage performance of an Indian classical dance student, which follows a long period of rigorous training. Today, on 29th of July, was the traditional worship ceremony for this ritual, where Zoya and her guru worshipped Lord Nataraja, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Devi Saraswati and Surya Dev. Guru Pooja along with the worship of costumes, ornaments, Rangmanch (stage) and the holy ghungroos marked the beginning of her challenging yet inspirational training which will culminate in her Arangetram on 7th September 2019. All our blessings and support are with her as she undertakes the landmark for Bharatanatyam dancer.

Duration- 29th of July 2019

Eight girls escorted by Mrs. Vaishali Shrivastava embarked on a journey to Mody School service project 'Prayaas 2.0' with a motive to serve the nation, where 11 delegations from across the country participated. The chief guest for the opening ceremony was our principal Mrs. Nishi Misra who inspired the young minds by addressing the gathering about our school's very own initiative of 'Sankalp' and inaugurated Bal Seva Sadan, where the project commenced. The students got the opportunity to serve the underprivileged children and plant little saplings to curb pollution. The delegations visited the Mandawa Palace, followed by principal's dinner. The project inculcated great service values for their future endeavours.

Duration- 29th of July 2019 MJS Hall

The school witnessed Inter-House Indian Instrumental Solo Competition on the 29th of July, adding to the various cultural events that preserve Indian Heritage in SKV. The participants very charmingly played राग मधुवंती, राग मालकोष , राग भीमपलासी , राग काफी on their violins and sitars.

JUL 28

Duration- 28th of July 2019 MJS Hall

A whole year of sheer hard work and training resulted in the execution of the first Karate Inter-House Competition at SKV on the 28th of July 2019. The participants competed in three weight categories- under 40kg, under 45kg and under 50kg. Their efforts and dedication paid off giving us a display of excellent qualities of sportsmanship. The esteemed judges were from the District Federation of Karate, Gwalior, who commended the girls.

JUL 27

Duration- 27th of July 2019 MJS Hall

The National Health and Wellness quiz was launched by Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the Honourable former President of India, on 4th December 2018 at IICC, New Delhi. In an attempt to carry forward this initiative, the zonal written round was conducted at SKV on 27th July. 12 student into CST Kili participated in it.

JUL 26

Duration- 26th of July 2019 MJS Hall

CBSE has undertaken the initiative to bring about gender sensitivity among youth. Under this initiative, a capacity building programme was held at our school on 26th July. The workshop emphasised on the need to make our students gender-responsible, which can only happen through effective, unbiased and neutral approach in teaching methods. The event began with an opening ceremony consisting of performances by the orchestra, music and dance club of our school and was attended by 79 participants from our school as well as from various schools from across Gwalior, Bhind, Morena, Jhansi, Datia and Shivpuri.

JUL 24

Duration- 24th of July 2019

As a part of the vast array of safety measures and skills taught to the students, a fire evacuation drill was organised on 24th of July. The students and staff members present in the Kamla Bhawan promptly vacated the building on hearing the fire alarm and gathered class wise in the emergency assembly area. They were made to experience a rescue procedure to be followed in case of injuries, and the drill was executed effectively.

JUL 22

Duration- 22nd of July 2019

In the afternoon of 22nd July, the participants of the inter-house Western vocal Solo competition melodiously presented before us uplifting and powerful pop and rock tunes, giving us an entertaining performance of popular western music.

Duration- 22nd of July 2019

Clay modelling is one of the ways to develop fine motor skills in children and smoothens wrist and finger muscles. The inter-house clay modelling competition was held on 22nd of July, where each participant reflected their visualisation in the form of their models. They produced natural beauty through the day on the topic 'High Relief Sculpture of Flowers'.

Duration- 22nd of July 2019

Students can be trained in various ways to develop stronger imaginative skills, which eventually creates wonders. The inter-house collage making competition held on 22nd of July gave a platform to students to give their thoughts a solid artistic form on the theme of 'Nature'.

Duration- 22nd-23rd of July 2019 Venue- MJS

The young Prime-ministers, leaders and whips among our senior girls enthusiastically introduced, established, defended and concluded their cases in the inter-house Parliamentary debate competition held on the 22nd and 23rd of July. The houses were divided into pools of two each for the qualifying round, and the two winners competed in the final round, where they expressed strong opinions about beauty pageants objectifying women, if single gender schools are more effective than co-educational schools, and whether college education is essential for future, respectively.

Duration- 22nd of July 2019 Venue- Class Room

The school conducted a sudoku solving activity for the students of classes 9th & 10th held on 22nd July 2019, this fun activity was organised by the maths department to enhance the student skills in logic and ended as a source of entertainment for all of them.

JUL 20

Duration- 20th of July 2019 Venue- MJS Hall

On 20th July 2019, SKV organised a workshop on cyber safety by Mr Rakshit Tandon who is an authority on the subject of cybercrime. He was a very entertaining speaker who was able to capture the attention of the young audience whose lives revolve around Facebook, Instagram, etc. He made serious things like hacking and data theft so interesting to everyone. Mr Tandon has spoken to more than 26.50 lac children schools/colleges everywhere. He has also organised a Gurugram Police summer internship programme for the graduate students.

JUL 19

Duration- 19th-21st of July 2019 Doon School and Welham Boys' School

The student council at SKV has played a pivotal role in development and management of the school. The IPSC seminar on 'Youth in Exploration of Leadership Development' gave the perfect opportunity to prepare our young leaders and discover the real meaning of leadership.Hosted by the Doon School and Welham Boys' School, the event was spread across the three days from the 19th to 21st July in the beautiful and scenic valley of Dehradun. The sessions revolved around how leaders should behave, their responsibilities, essential qualities, effective practices, organisational structure of Student Councils and a fair selection process. Students very effectively came up with the road maps for tackling problems experienced by every school, such as challenge of dealing with popular but troublesome students, with breaking the legacy of a bad habits and dealing with inappropriate acts such as written on walls and school property. All 16 schools demonstrated the qualities of teamwork by collaborating together and learning from each other. The seminar was a great learning experience that taught students how to 'ACE' their duties: A: Accountability to words others, C: Contribution to words the institution, and E: Empowering and enabling others.

Duration- 19th-26th of July 2019 Delhi Public School Gwalior

Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya received the Best Delegation Award the DPSGMUN 2019 held in Delhi Public School Gwalior from 19th to 21st July. Girls received the following individual prizes: Ritika Yadav-verbal mention, Kanishka Gupta, Vaishnavi Manta, Sudiksha Agarwal and Paridhi Agarwal- special mention, Surbhi Bindra- Best delegate under the able guidance of their teacher Meenakshi Dixit. In total 300 delegates participated in the conference.

Duration- 19th of July 2019 Venue- Conference Room

School Managing Committee Meeting of SKV was held on 19 July 2019

JUL 17

Duration- 15th - 17th of July 2019 Venue- SKV

Focusing on each difficulty life throws at you and tackling it with your best energy is what table tennis teaches you. The participants of the inter-house table tennis competition for the senior category demonstrated great determination and devotion during the three-day event starting from 15th to 17th of July. Housewise positions were:- First- Yashodhara house Second- Usha house Third- Vasundhara house Fourth- Madhavi house

Duration- 17th of July 2019 Venue- Collectrate Office

The Gwalior district administration has pledged to plant 10000 trees at the Sirol hill area to create an urban forest. Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya was the first school to take the opportunity and plant 500 trees today. The district Education Officers as well as District Administration Officials were present on the occasion.

JUL 16

Duration- 16th - 18th of July 2019 Venue- SKV Campus

From the 16th to 18th of July, the inter- house Wood Carving competition for the year 2019-20 took place. To make the participants familiar with this art, a three day workshop was organised prior to the competition, where they enhanced their Carving skills. Wooden blocks and carving tools were provided to the participants who came up with extremely creative ideas for 'Carved ceiling' designs.

Duration- 16th of July 2019 Venue- MJS Hall

Writing is not just about words and pens, but more about the magic it can create with a new imagination of Each young mind. Manmohini Tiwari the 14 year old daughter of our Alumni Ms. Drishti Tiwari from the class of 1987, wonderfully conveyed this message to the budding writers of our school through the 'Authors Talk' on the 16th of July, where she told them about her journey to become a published author of a book name '#Tween Tales'. Nominated and awarded as the Youngest Author in Pathways World School and the editor of an International Magazine, ' Polyphony Lit', she taught the girls how to develop their reading and writing skills.

Duration- 16th of July 2019 Venue- SKV Campus

With the onset of monsoons, Tree plantation at Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya has become a regular feature to make our planet green. Today, saplings of Peepal, Neem and Gulmohar were planted by the students of grade XII near the sports Arena. May these saplings grow into beautiful trees and enhance the greenery in the campus.

JUL 15

Duration- 15th of July 2019 Venue- SKV

On 15 July 2019, SKV conducted an Inter House Hindi article writing competition for the seniors category. The topics were: child labour, young generation, deforestation, Indian culture, self confidence, Indian Farmer, human and Science, etc. Four participants from each house participated in it. The Participants got one hour to pen down their thoughts.

Duration- 15th of July 2019 Venue- SKV

SKV organised an Inter house imaginative landscape painting competition on 15th July, 2019 for the seniors category. Two participants from each house participated in the event the judgement criteria of the competition was innovation, neatness, creative approach and colour harmony.

Duration- 15th of July 2019 Venue- SKV

The imagination of young minds can give birth to unique and productive creations from something as simple as paper. At the inter-class paper craft competition on 15th July, students of classes 6, 7 and 8 gave free rein to their creativity using plain and coloured paper. Without a specific theme being provided, the students came up with extremely innovative and beautiful presentations, and we're judged on the basis of the design techniques, creativity, innovation and overall impact

Duration- 11th to 15th of July 2019 Venue- SKV

The safe campus organisation works for the mental, emotional and physical well-being and safety of students across 150 schools in India and abroad. We at SKV are fortunate to be trained by them regularly. Each session increases awareness in our girls. How to set physical, mental and emotional boundaries for themselves, along with self defence techniques to keep Safe.

Duration- 15th of July 2019 Venue- MJS Hall

In order to test the level of awareness of our junior girls of classes VI and VII, the Just a Minute competition was held on 15th of July. Three students from each section prepared speeches on global issues like space exploration, endangered tigers, forest preservation etc. two hours prior to the competition. They were judged on the basis of content, presentation, pronunciation and adherence to the topic, and proved that they are fully aware of environmental issues and sensitive to the demands of this changing world.

Duration- 15th of July 2019 Venue- MJS Hall

One of the most discussed and debated issues in our country today is whether war with our neighbouring countries is a necessary solution. We debated this assertion in the inter-house Hindi debate competition organised by the Indian languages department, on 15th of July. All the eight participants expressed strong opinions both for and against the issue."सीमावर्ती देशों के बढ़ते अतिक्रमण हेतु युद्ध की विभीषिका समाधान है" The house-wise positions were- 1st Yashodhara house 2nd Madhavi house 3rd Usha House 4th Vasundhara House

Duration- 15th of July 2019 Venue- MJS

Always being on your toes is a quality turned into a habit in SKVians. They demonstrated this yet again through the inter-house English extempore competition, held on 15th of July. The participants received the topics they had to speak about on the morning of the competition itself after which they gathered useful information from various sources and effectively explained it to the audience in the afternoon. The house-wise positions were: 1st Vasundhara 2nd Madhavi 3rd Usha 4th Yashodhara

JUL 13

Duration- 13th of July 2019 Venue- MJS

An annual feature of SKV is the showcase of the new talent that has just recently become a part of the family.The much awaited evening, freshers eve, took place on 13th of July, where we discovered extremely gifted and potential dancers, singers, poets, musician, gymnast and many more among our new students and teachers. The evening left them feeling recognised and welcomed by the loud applause and motivation our girls infused in them. We look forward to bring the best out of our new members!

Duration- 9th to 13th of July 2019 Venue- Football Ground

The first ever Inter house football competition at SKV was the most awaited event that took place from the 9th to 13th of July. The players displayed excellent qualities of sportsmanship and teamwork, proving yet again that no matter how and unfamiliar or new, nothing is difficult for our girls to try. The results for the competition were:- First position- Vasundra house Second position -Usha house Third position- Yashodhara house Fourth position- Madhavi house

JUL 12

Duration- 12th of July 2019 Venue- SKV

As a part of the Moto, 'Learning by doing', the students of class 6B were given a first-hand experience of using a telescope on 12th of July. Under this experiential learning activity on celestial bodies, they came to understand and learn how far off bodies can be clearly seen with the help of a telescope.

JUL 11

Duration- 11th of July 2019

On 11th of July a training workshop for the online registration of the Inspire Awards Manak 2019 was organised by the district education office at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Morar. Teachers from both government and private schools of Gwalior district participated in the workshop, where the officials provided them with online training of registration and submission of awards.

JUL 09

Duration- 9th of July 2019 Venue- New Delhi

Shambhavi Dixit, SKVian class of 2019, has been felicitated with the gold award of the International Award for Young People on the 9th of July 2019. The award was presented by the Chief Guest, Justice(Retd.) Madan B. Lokur, former Judge of the Supreme court of India at the Gold award ceremony in New Delhi. The award Programme consisted of activities for young people to experience adventure, help the community and develop skills. Congratulations Shambhavi!

Duration- 9th of July 2019 Venue- MJS Hall

An Inter class English hand writing competition was held on the 9th of July for classes VI to XII during their English classes. The girls were given a passage to write from their own English Literature books, and were judged on the basis of letter formation and legibility.

Duration- 9th of July 2019 Venue- MJS Hall

SKV has partnered with Univariety for career advice to the students. The first face-to-face interventions took place last week. Mrs Preetika Sharma and Mr. Nikhilesh supported the students as they plotted the course for the careers of choice.

JUL 08

Duration- 8th of July 2019 Venue- MJS Hall

An Inter-Class Story telling competition was held on the 8th of July 2019. The theme for the event was "नैतिक शिक्षा" where girls from classes 6th and 7th participated enthusiastically. The winners were: Class VI A- I Lavanya Singh II Arya Pathardikar and Aarnavi III Nitya Jathar Class VI B- I Rishika Singhania II Nancy Agrawal III Avni Garg Class VII A- I Shreya Agrawal II Jyotika Jain and Navya Agrawal III Kalpana Class VI B- I Divija Dahiya II Aanvi Dhoreliya III Manasvi Mudgal

Duration- 8th of July 2019

On the 8th of July 2019, inter-house face-painting competition took place, where the girls creatively painted the faces of the participants on the theme "Flora and Fauna".

Duration- 8th of July 2019

The Inter-House Rangoli competition for seniors was held on 8th July 2019. The theme for the Competition was "Scenic Beauty". The participants brought the colours and visuals of nature down to be a powdered presentation on the Kamla Bhawan floor.

Duration- 8th of July 2019

The Inter-House Mehandi designing competition for seniors was held on 8th July 2019.The girls created intricate "Marwari" designs adorning the hands of models from finger tips to upper arms.

Duration- 8th of July 2019

A talk on "Emerging trends in Computers and the role of PYTHON, was held in MJS hall on 8th July 2019 by Mr. Kapoor, Dean ICT, Scindia School, Gwalior.

JUL 07

Duration- 7th July 2019

A two day workshop on Classroom Management was organised on the 6th and 7th of July 2019 by the CBSE in association with Gomti Nandan Public School, Bina and Sahodaya, Sagar. Resource persons were Ms. Ronika Gagneja Valecha and Ms. Deepika Rajbhagat, who enlightened the participants on effective classroom management. The four teachers from our school who participated in the workshop were Mrs. Sunita Saxena, Ms. Manjula Rawat , Mrs. Preeti Khichi and Mrs. Adarsh Sharma.

JUL 06

Duration- 6th July 2019

The whole school buzzed with excitement and eagerly prepared for the arrival of our international guests, the AFS and Round Square exchange students. Georgine De Wet a dynamic young student from the Roeden School, Johannesburg, South Africa, arrived on the 27th July 2019 to be a part of the SKV community for 2 months. Francesca Loria and Pasicka Champa were warmly welcomed by the students and staff on the 6th July 2019. Francesca, from Italy is studying to be a doctor: and Pasicka, from Thailand will look for a career in the Hospitality industry. SKV will be a home to them for 10 months. The girls have taken up various subjects rsnging from Political Science to Mathematics, and are interested in activities such as dramatics, writing, football, swimming, etc. We look forward to a pleasant tenure with them!

JUN 24

Duration- 24th of June 2019 Venue- Ladakh

Service is the rent we pay for being. Ladakh Service Project and Trekking Expedition 2019, commended on 24th June. Namami Maheshwari of class 12th was the student delegate from our school. Held in London model School in Thiksay village, it was a 15 day trip. The goal of this project was to construct three rooms in the school campus. walling uphill and downhill for 6-7 hours changed our girls way of perceiving strength. All the activities organised were enjoyable, exciting, courage and adventurous. From learning Ladakhi language to teaching children Hindi typical words, it was an enriching experience for all.

JUN 03

Duration- 3rd of June 2019 Venue- Mansfield, Nottingham, UK

The Round Square Globally Accessible Conference at the Sam worth Church Academy School, Mansfield, Nottingham, UK took place from 3rd to 8th of June 2019, and was attended by a delegation of 10 students from grades 7-8 and 2 adult delegates from our school. The major part of the conference took place in the Cholmondeley's forest area in Nottingham. The theme of the Conference was 'Adventure Awaits '. The students stayed in tents, learnt wilderness survival skills such as making traps, identifying plants, making a fire, cooking, first aid, etc. and learnt to connect with nature and think creatively. At the end of the conference, a group of 30 students and 3 staff members joined them on a two week tour of the United Kingdom and Europe. In UK they visited Stratford upon Avon, which is Shakespeare's birth place. Students also visited Trafalgar Square, London Bridge, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, to name a few. They also explored the beautiful city of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. The trip to Geneva included visiting the 3,000 ft. high mountain peak in the Swiss Alps and Venice, Pisa, Rome, Florence and the Vatican City were among the many attractions of Italy they visited.

MAY 09

Duration- 9th of May 2019

On the 9th of May, Kanak Khare, a student of grade 11 of our school, arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa, to begin her 50-day-long Round Square Exchange Programme visit. Attending classes in the beautiful campus of the Rodean School, Johannesburg, gave her a better understanding of South African Culture and exposure to new subjects such as Design. Her host family enthusiastically took her on a week long trip to explore significant places of interest. Kanak learnt the importance of taking up challenges and adventures and adapting to an entirely new and different culture.

MAY 02

Duration- 2nd of May 2019

On the 2nd of May, Simran Jyot Kaur from grade 11 of our school began her month-long trip to Hungary under the AFS Intensive short-term Homestay Programme. The visit provided her a chance to explore the famous attractions of the country, which include the Budapest Castle, Heroes square, Basilica Church, camping near the river Danube, hiking in Szilvasvarad, sightseeing in Eger, visiting Pecs, travelling to Zamardi and the Lake Balaton. Living with her warm and welcoming host family in Kecskemet and attending classes at the Kecskemeti Reformatus Gimnazium School gave her an insight on Hungarian culture and taught her important concepts of their educational system. This programme helped her widen her outlook and learn essential life skills, besides gaining a new family away from India!