Talk on Vermicomposting 

  Talk on Vermicomposting


On 10th November 2016, Prof. O.P Agrawal, retired H.O.D Environmental Science addressed classes IX & X students on vermicomposting .He has developed vermicomposting units in Jiwaji University and has guided several PhD students on vermicomposting of different organic waste. The process of vermicomposting was explained at length the preparation of organic waste, the different types of earthworms-from different countries.

Interestingly he has also developed procedure for composting of flowers collected from temples and he also developed small scale vermicomposting units to be used in households.

The adopting of vermicomposting practices on a larger scale was emphasized as it would result in effective disposal of organic waste and it would contribute in a big way to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Some of our students were so inspired that they have given their names to form a core team  to work on the proposed vermicomposting unit in our school.


Sanjita Luthra 

Manjula Rawat

K. Rajeshwari Pandi