Principal's Message 
People do extraordinary things in uncommon circumstances.  The preparation and practise to perform exceptionally well when unusual and unexpected opportunities present themselves is what schooling and education at Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya is all about.  It is about building sturdy ships that will fill their sails and be prepared for the toss and tumble of the waves - not those that will only survive if docked safely in harbours.

The events of the past century have shown that the world is changing at a rate that makes tomorrow look like day - after - tomorrow! To survive in such a world, our youth need to be adventurous enough to fall and rise repeatedly  - and learn from each fall as much as from each rise.  The ability to learn throughout one's life requires courage - courage that comes from a spirit that may be bruised but is never broken; from a conviction that deviation from a fundamental integrity is not an option.

Success in a maturing India will determine how our youth will fare in a border-less world. Achievements in this age will be determined by the ability of our students to construct knowledge and create competencies fuelled by their own creativity rather than a ?telling? by an individual or institution.

Parents are the most important stakeholders in the process of a girls education. We encourage and welcome the participation of parents in the community of SKV. Let us walk together --  joining head, heart and hands to accomplish this mission to offer something of value and distinction to those who are most precious to us  --  our children.

An education at SKV empowers a girl to successfully take on all the mantles that she is expected to don. A unique blend of heritage, tradition, modernism and internationalism form the weft and woof of the fabric of life in this school. The attempt is to give all that is good in the world to our girls before our girls bring great good to the world.

Mrs. Nishi Misra