AUG 29

Incharges- HOD Sports

On the occasion of National Sports Day on 29th August, the school celebrated Major Dhyanchandra's birth anniversary, thereby paying homage to the Great Olympian. A sequence of events were organized and was addressed by the Vice Principal and the Head Girl. Oath was taken by the Games Captain on behalf of the whole school. Winners of the Major Dhyanchandra Award and Coaches were honored on the same day. It was followed by Mini Marathon in which large number of students participated with lots of enthusiasm. Many students also participated in the Painting competition, they were given a theme "Hum fit toh India fit" to work on.

AUG 28

Venue- Neiil World School, Morena Incharges- HOD Sports

The following girls are participated in Inter School Sahodaya Swimming Championship held at Neiil World School, on 28th August 2018.
SKV was declared the Runners up of the event with 19 Gold Medals, 12 Silver and 5 bronze medals. The results are as follows.
1. SHAMBHAVI DIXIT-50mt. Butter – GOLD, 200mt. IM – GOLD, Relay –GOLD, 2.VALINTEENA -50mt. Freestyle – GOLD, 50mt. Back – GOLD, Relay – GOLD 3 3.ANUSHKA SANDHU-50mt.Back – SILVER, 50mt. Butter – SILVER, 4.RUNJHUN AGRAWAL, 50mt Freestyle – SILVER, 200mt.IM – SILVER, 5.DIYA DHALL -50mt Back – SILVER, 200IM- SILVER, 6.OJAS YADAV -50mt Freestyle- GOLD, 200mt.IM- GOLD, Relay – GOLD, 7.ANANAYA SHARMA -50mt Back- GOLD , 50mt Butter- GOLD , Relay – GOLD, 8. NAVYA PAHWA -50mt. Breast- SILVER, 9. KRITIKA CHOUDHARY-50mt Butterfly – SILVER, 10. MANSHI JAIN -50mt. Breast – BRONZE 11 .SEYRA MEYTO -50mt Breast – SILVER,12.SURBHI BINDRA -50mt Back – GOLD .50mt Butter – GOLD 13.SANAH TRIPATHI -50mt Breast – BRONZE,50mt. Butter – SILVER, 14.ASHLESHA BAJPAI-50mt Freestyle – BRONZE ,200mt.IM – GOLD, 15.AKANSHA SINGH 50mt Back – SILVER, 16. ADYA SINGH -50mt Freestyle – GOLD, 200 IM – SILVER, 17. NIYASHA CHOUDHARY, 200mt.IM – SILVER, 50mt Back – GOLD 18. NAISHA GUPTA, 50mt Breast BRONZE, 50mt Butter- BRONZE, 19. ARSHIYA RAWAL -50mt Butterfly – GOLD, 50mt Freestyle – GOLD.

AUG 27

Venue- MJS Hall Incharges- Dr. Shalini Agrawal

Advertisements are an integral part of marketing and are designed to inform and motivate people to buy a product. Advertisements based on social issues also conduct an important task of spreading awareness. Inter House Ad- Mad Competition is also one such event which gives a vent to one's imagination.
This competition was held on 27 August' 2018 in MJS Hall after the first round of Parliamentary Debate. 2 participants from each house formed a team to present their idea. The advertisement was supposed to be two minutes supported with background music . Use of props was also permitted.
The sequence and the topics were decided through the draw of lots. As per this, Yashodhara House got 'Mobile Addiction' as their topic while Madhavi House received the topic 'Shoes' to advertise. Usha House had 'Stay Fit' as their topic and Vasundhara House had to advertise on 'Climate Change'.
The judges for the competition were Ms. Sita Choudhary, Ms. Meenakshi Mishra and Ms. Isabella Boyer while the time keeping was managed by Ms. Nabia Fatima.
Different Houses presented their advertisements accompanied with a social message igniting the minds of the spectators. Madhavi House urged to contribute to Kerela Relief Fund whereas Usha House conveyed the importance of exercise in life. Yashodhara House showcased the impact of excessive use of mobiles and Vasundhara House imparted the role of trees through Climate change.
The results were as follows:-
1st position- Yashodhara House - Mobile Addiction, 2nd position- Vasundhara House - Climate Change, 3rd position- Madhavi House - Shoes

AUG 27

Venue- MJS Hall Incharges- Ms. Ottima Ragazza

Round 1 & 2 were organised on August 27, 2018. The four houses were divided into two teams of two houses each by draw of lots.
Topics for the Qualifying Round.
In the first place Vasundhara House and Yashodara House as Proposition and Opposition respectively debated on the topic 'This house will ban advertisements on fairness products.' Then Madhavi House and Usha House as Proposition and Opposition respectively debated on the topic 'This house will ban zoos.'
All the participants came up with logical points and reasoning. This was evident from how the Point of Information were raised and responded.
Each one gave her best and the finalists Usha House and Yashodara House as Proposition and Opposition debated on the topic ' This House will make organ donation compulsory after death.'
Usha House got an edge over Yashodhara House by their power of reasoning and bagged the First Position.
Best Speaker was awarded to Sudiksha Agarwal of Usha House, First runner up was bagged by Suhani Kansal of Usha House and Second runner up was Mani Agarwal of Yashodhara House.

AUG 27

Check in after overnight stay – 8.00 am

AUG 26

Raksha Bandhan

AUG 25

Check out for overnight stay – 12.00 noon

AUG 25

Incharges- Mrs Priya Ailani and Mrs Radha Khanka

We had all heard about TED-x talks and our joys knew no bounds when we got the opportunity to attend the Ted x talk organized by ABVIIITMG on 25 th August.
A group of 19 girls escorted by Mrs Priya Ailani and Mrs Radha Khanka got listen to the experiences shared by seven speakers from diverse fields.
The first speaker Goloka Vrindavan Dasa from ISKON emphasized on having at least one selfless, intimate relation in life. Joyita Mandal, the first transgender judge , left us all reflecting on the need to sensitize the society towards the transgenders.
Oyindrilla Ray Ghosh, a young model and designer emphasized on embracing diversity.
Bani Yadav, the biker left us with the thought that we must keep our passions alive and chase them.
Mr Pushkar Jain described technology as an art that is a soaring imagination of human mind.
MR Sandeep Jain, the CEO of Geeks for Geeks shared with the audience how he realized the need to create a platform for the fresh engineering graduates create their job profiles and help them prepare for interviews.
The last speaker for the day, Mr Amandeep Singh enthralled all with his art of story telling. He advised the students to keep exploring until you discover what is the best for you.
We all returned with a lot of thoughts to reflect on.

AUG 24

Duration: 24th - 25th August Incharges- Ms. Neeraj Ghai

An Entrepreneurial Fest UDYAMITA-2018 was organized by Gwalior Glory High School on 24th and 25th August. The core objective of this event is to make the participants aware of the skills required in the corporate world especially at a time when the economies of the world are looking at India as a promising and responsible economy .A team of five students actively participated in this event and earned the Trophy by positioning the School as Ist Runners Up in the event Udyamita -2018. The results of the various events are as follows-1.Sales Wiz: II POSITION - Mani Agarwal, 2. The Intrapreneur: II POSITION - Kanishka Joshi, Ananya Gupta, Aditi Agarwal, Vaibhavi Chandel
3. The Mind Storm Quiz: III POSITION - Vaibhavi Chandel, Kanishka Joshi 4. The Corpovita Quiz: II POSITION - Vaibhavi Chandel
5. The Corporate Touch: II POSITION - Kanishka Joshi, Ananya Gupta, Mani Agarwal,Vaibhavi chandel, Aditi Shrivastava

AUG 24

Venue- MJS Hall Incharges- Mr. Mohsin Khan

On 24 August 2018 we had an inter-house western band competition in JMS Hall in this competition one team can participate from each house there will be maximum number of participants is 10 and minimum of 5 that include bass guitar, Guitar, Keyboard, Lead Vocalist, And Purcatiotons the team has to choose song only from artist called Pink they have to maintain the originality of the song but they can do some improvisation by them self they have to perform only one song not more than that the judging criteria are as follows.
Songs performed by houses are as follow
Just Like Fire by Usha house, Give Me The Reson by Vasundhara house,Try by Yashodhara house, What about Us by Madhvi house
Result: 1st Place Yashodhara House , 2nd Place Madhvi House, 3rd Place Vasundhra House

AUG 23

Meeting with Principal - HM & HMs

Time– 5:00PM to 6:00PM Venue- Usha House

AUG 20

Duration: 20-21 August, 2018 Venue- New Volleyball Ground Incharges– Ms.Shakuntla Tripathy, HOD(Physical Education & Sports)

The Championship was held from 20th to 21st August, 2018. 09 schools which participated in the championship, were Army Public School, Little Angles' High School, Doon Public School, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya , Carmel Convent senior Secondary School, The Woodstock School, St. Teresa Senior Secondary School, Gwalior Glory High School, SDVM Public School.
The Chief Guest at the Opening Ceremony was Mr Nikesh Sharma, Chairman, Sahodaya, and Principal, Vidya Bhawan Public School, Gwalior. The meet was organized for U-19 category as per VFI rules. The matches were organized on Knock out basis. The championship was conducted under the supervision of qualified officials.
The trophies & medals were given to the winners, 1st runners up & 2nd runners up. The Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya was the winner in U-19, the runners up trophy went to Little Angles' High School & Carmel Convent High School was declared 2nd runners up. Special trophy for the "Best Player of the Tournament" were given to Saraswati Gurung of Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya.

AUG 20

Venue- Sculpture Room Incharge– Mr. B.Rao

Clay modelling competition held from 20th August, 2018 in the sculpture department. Two participants from each house have participated and reflected their talent through art work they performed.
Clay moulding is one of the ways to develop fine motor skills in children. It not only caters to the needs of pre writing skills but also smoothens wrist and finger muscles preparing them for the formal writing. Every child was good with their visualisation of work to be done and performed well in One day whilst giving shape to their visualisations. They had to work to produce natural beauty through clay hence topic was 'Animal' and provided with wet clay.
The competition was judged by: Ms. Arnima Rastogi, Ms.Sanjita Luthura and Mr. Vinay Rathore A criterion for the Judgement was -Refinement, Aesthetics, Creativity, and Total Impact.
Following positions were secured by the houses:
1st position was secured by Usha House
2nd position was secured by Vasundhra
3rd position was secured by Madhvi

AUG 18


DPS Rairu organised an English JAM competition under the aegis of Sahodaya on 18 aug 2018 for classes 5th and 6th. Navya Gupta and Tanishka Agarwal of class 6 participated in it. Participants were supposed to choose a topic by chit picking and speak for one minute on it. The judgement criteria for the event was content , body language , fluency , relevance and voice clarity.

AUG 18

Incharges- Mrs Radha Khanka and Mrs Shweta Chaudhary

On 18th August a group of 21 students of the Round Square Committee and Home Science visited Amar Jyoti - school and rehabilitation center.
The students were escorted by the school Round Square Representative Mrs Radha Khanka and Home Science Teacher Mrs Shweta Chaudhary. The purpose of the visit was to conduct a survey regarding the behavior and needs of the specially abled children. Apart from this we also had to explore the possibilities of associating with the organization in the best possible manner.
We got a chance to interact with the students and also witness the classes in progress. we were very impressed by the way the teachers taught the child with special abilities. Different methods of teaching were adopted for the visually challenged, hearing impaired and mentally challenged. Their grasping power and interest in the lessons left us amazed.
We visited the language lab, computer lab(with special software for the visually challenged), library( equipped with teaching aids for all types of disabilities and bools in the braille), the art and craft as well as the tailoring and pottery section. Wherever we went, we found children immersed in the activities.
The visit taught us that where there is a will there is definitely a way - you just have to look out.

AUG 18

Entertainment Night- Vasundhara House

Time: 6:30PM Venue- MJS Hall

Incharge- HM & HMs

AUG 16

Venue- MJS Hall Incharges– M. Garima Sandhu, Ms. Nabia.S.Fatima, Ms. S.Yadav

On 16th August, 2018, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya hosted the Zonal Written Round of The National School Health Quiz -2018, organized by Expression's India, The ambassadors for The National Skills, Values Education & School Wellness Program. The students of class XI , Ananya Agarwal, Saumya Agrawal and Saumya Sarda , participated in the quiz.
Dr. Jitendra Nagpal (MD DNB) is Program Director of Expressions India – The National Life Skills, Values, Community & School Wellness Program. The Expressions India programme has over 2500 Child and Adolescent centred sensitization workshops, training programmes and community seminars to its credit. A large number of schooling systems & government institutions in the country regularly seek technical expertise from Expressions India for their advocacy, research, training and enrichment. He has been conducted a large number of corporate workshops on Work Life Balance.
Also, He is Sr. Consultant Psychiatrist and In charge of the Institute of Child Development and Adolescent Health at Moolchand Medcity.
The written quiz comprised of 100 Multiple Choice Questions based on topics like life skills,challenges faced by adolescents, nutrition, working of human body, cyberbullying, common psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm tendencies ,diseases and infections, child rights and protection of children against sexual offenses.
The objective of the quiz was to create awareness and promote emotional and social wellbeing among school students.
The following schools participated in the Zonal Written Quiz Round:
1.Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior, 2.The Scindia School , The Fort, Gwalior,3. The Woodstock School, Gwalior,4.Podar International School, Gwalior,5.The Little Angles School,Gwalior,6. Bhartiyam Vidya Niketan ,Gwalior,7. Ramkrishna Vidya Mandir, Gwalior,8.The Happy Days School, Shivpuri

AUG 15

Venue- Infront of KAMLA BHAWAN Incharges– HOD Sports

On the occasion of Independence Day the school celebrated the function by hosting the National flag by the Principal Mrs. Nishi Misra at OAT, followed by the National Anthem by the school choir. Inter house Folk Dance and Inter house Group Song Competitions were held in the MJS Hall. Sweets & chocolates were distributed to the students.

AUG 15

Venue- MJS Hall Incharges– Ms. M.Sharma & Ms. K.Pillai

Inter House Folk Dance competition was held on 15 Aug 2018 .In this competition all house were performed and from each house 8-10 girls had participated. All the House performed 4 different form of India. Madhvi House performed Dandiya Dance of Gujarat, Usha House performed Oyilattam of TamilNaidu, Vasundhara House performed Gondhal of Maharashtra & Yashodhara House performed Maruni Dance of Nepal. Through this girls learn different dance form and their style and costumes.
Result was as follows
1st position- Vasundhara House
2nd position- Usha House
3rd position- Madhvi House

AUG 15

Inter House Patriotic Song Competition (Open)

Venue– MJS Hall

Incharges– Ms. P.Banerjee & Mr. O.P.Bhargava

AUG 15

Inter House Swimming (Jr, Mdl and Srs)

Incharges– HOD Sports

AUG 14

Inter House Swimming (Jr, Mdl and Srs)

Incharge- HOD Sports

AUG 13

Inter Class Hindi Story Telling Competition(VI,VII)

Time: 2:45PM to 4:45PM Venue– Chitrangada Bhawan

In charge– Ms.A. Kashyap

AUG 13

Venue– MJS Hall Incharge – Mr. O.P. Bhargava

On 13th August inter house Indian orchestra was organized. All four houses participated in it.
Madhavi house: They performed rag bageshree. It's that is Kafi. In this rag GA and Ni swears are komal and rest of the swears are shuddha. They performed well. They played a compotion in taal Kehrwa and teentaal. They concluded their performance by a patriotic song.
Usha house: They performed rag bihag. That of this rag is Kalyan. GA swear is vadi and ni swear is samvadi. It was a nice performance. They played a composition in taal dadra. They concluded their performance by a patriotic song.
Vasundhara house: They played Raga Yaman, Bhupali and Desh. They played three different compositions in taal dadra, kekharwa, teentaal. They concluded their performance by playing two patriotic songs.
Yashodhara house: They played Raga kafi. That of this raga is kafi. They played two compositions in deepchandi and keharwa. They concluded their performance by playing a patriotic song.
Principal mam appreciated my efforts. The result of the competition is 1st prize Madhavi house, 2nd prize Yashodhara house, 3rd prize Usha house

AUG 13

Venue– Computer Lab Incharges– Bela Saxena

Inter House Flash\Power Point Presentation competition for Middle category was held on 13th Aug. 2018.
A team of two students from each house participated. Students had to make the presentation on the spot, they were given 1hr. 20 mints to make presentation.
Topic was given before for practising and finding the material on internet.
The Topic for presentation was "Digital India - Stress Free India".
Participants were allowed to access internet.
Total timing for Presentation was 4 mints.
No human intervention was allowed during final presentation time. Judgement was done on the following points -
1. Originality (10), 2. Relevant Text (10), 3. Tools used (10), 4. Creativity (10), 5. Overall impact (10)
The result of the competition is as follows –
Yashodhara House- I position, Usha House- II Position, Madhavi House- III position

AUG 11

Venue- MJS Hall Incharges– Adarsh Sharma

On 11th August two students from our school namely Muskan Kaushik and Maitreyi Surana, participated in Inter School Hindi Debate Competition on the topic "kya bhavi bhavishya ka videsh palayan aawashyak hai?" held at AMI Shishu Mandir,Gwalior.Maitreyi Surana got the award for Best Speaker and overall our school secured 1st position among 8 schools from Gwalior.
It was overall learning and enriching experience. Students look forward to such opportunities.

AUG 11

Time: 2:45PM to 4:45PM Venue- MJS Hall Incharges– Ms. A.Deodhar, Ms. A.Ashdhir, Ms. S.Saxena & Ms. P.Ailani

A movie 'Flatland' was shown on 11 August to classes sixth to eighth. It is an animated movie about a two dimensional family namely'Square line and Hexagon'and how they come to terms with the third dimension.
The movie was well received by the students. It gave them thoughts to ponder upon and we're surprised that mathematical figures could be used to make a movie.

AUG 08

Venue- Cambridge School, Dabra Incharge– Mrs. Indu Chaturvedi

Sahodaya Hindi Declamation was held in "Cambridge School " Dabra on 8 .8 .18 . 36 participants from 18 schools participated in this competition.
Participants had to recite poems from the given eight famous Hindi poets. From our school Ritika Kumar of class VIII B and Nritya Pillai of class VII A participated in this competition.
In Nritya's poem a wounded soldier was writing a letter to his parents from "Kargil war ".
Ritika's poem was based on sarcasm on present situation of our country.Our school secured lll position in this competition.

AUG 07

Incharge– Mrs. Preeti Khichi

On the 7th of August 2018, Workshop on Posco Act was conducted for Academic Staff by Dr.K.K. Dixit, Chairperson Child Welfare Committee District Gwalior. Dr. Dixit mentioned that the POSCO act came into effect in the year 2012 to protect children from sexual exploitation. The act defines a child as any person below eighteen years of age. It deems a sexual assault to be aggravated under certain circumstances by a person in a position of trust or authority like a family member, police, teacher or a doctor.
Dr. Dixit emphasized on our awareness of this act as the need of the hour as we all are responsible members of society and it is our foremost duty to protect our children from any such incidence.

AUG 06

Duration: 6th - 7th Aug, 2018 Venue- VDJS Hissar Incharge– Mrs. Meghna Sharma

Jindal Art Fest was held on 6th and 7th Aug 2018 in VDJS Hissar.25 Girls from class 9th to 12th was escorted by Mrs. Meghna Sharma, Mr.Vinay Rathord and Mr. Ravi Shankar for this Fest.
Fourteen Schools were participated for 25 different competition of Visual and Performing Art Events. Our school Participated in all 25 competition. Through this girl had good Exposure and got opportunity to give their best.
Over all result:-
We got 2nd runner-up trophy and 13 other prices are as follow-
1) 1st Classical Dance Solo.
2) 1st Embellishment of Collar.
3) 2nd Indian Light Classical.
4) 2nd Mystery of Lines.
5) 3rd Plate Embellishment.
6) 3rd Wall Hanging.
7) Consolation prices are – Pen and Link, Marble Dust, Macrame, Clay Modelling,Daastangoi,Hindi Poem Writing, Solo Instrumental.
We all three Escorts learn alot from other schools in the field of Visual and Performing Art.

AUG 06

Time: 3:00PM Venue– Sculpture Room Incharge– Mr. B.Rao

Inter house flower making competition for the middle category was held on 6th august 2018.Two students from each house two participated in the competition. They were provided with glazed papers, duplex tapes, scissors, glue, etc. They were asked make different kinds of flowers and arrange them in creative ways. Participants used their imagination and presented the flowers in different forms like garland, bouquet, etc.
The competition was conducted in the sculpture room in the presence of the art teacher. Specific time limit was provided for the competition. The competition was judged by: Ms. Meghna Sharma, Ms. Kavita Pillai and Mr. Vinay Rathore .The judgement criteria was: Creativity, Techniques, Colour Combination & Overall Presentation
Following positions were secured by the houses:
1st position was secured by Yashodhara
2nd position was secured by Madhavi
3rd position was secured by Vasundhara

AUG 06

Incharge– Ms. Arnima Rastogi

Imagination is the key to creativity and children can be trained in many ways to develop stronger skills of imagination. One of the ways is painting. Our school organized an Inter House Imaginative Painting Competition for Senior Category on 6th Aug 2018 in the Painting room . The theme of the competition was '' Holy Picture of God ''. Criteria of Judgement - Work should be theme base. Work should be neat and clean. Use of colour. Perspective. Two students participated from each House. Total number of participants was eight. The judges were : Mrs. Sanjita Luthra, Mrs. Adarsh Sharma, Mr. B. Rao.
The results are as follows.
Individual Position - Maithili Niyati: 1st, Samradhi Agrawal: 2nd, Naina Singhi: 3rd
House Position -
Madhavi House: 1st, Yashodhara House: 2nd, Usha House: 3rd

AUG 06

Basketball (Srs.)

Incharge – HoD Sports

AUG 06

Venue- MJS Hall Incharge– Ms. R.Khanka

Inter House English Literary Quiz and Spellathon for the Senior Category on 6th August 2018 in MJS Hall. The Event had two parts- Literary Quiz and Spellathon
The Event began with the Quiz Section. The rounds for Quiz were:
visual -Identify the Literary figure, Books and authors, Literary Devices, Characters from novels, Lines from Poems, Shakespeare Round
The Spellathon Section had the following rounds:
Antonyms,Synonyms,Spell Check,Spell Wheel,Unscramble
Madhavi House emerged as the winner, Yashodhara House stood second and Usha third.

AUG 06

Inter House English Literary Quiz & Spellathon (Srs.)

Venue-MJS Hall

Incharge– Ms. R.Khanka

AUG 05

Venue- Mayo Collage Girls School, Ajmer Duration: 5th - 9th Aug, 2018 Incharge- HOD Sports

12 girls are participated in IPSC Badminton Championship for Girls U-14, 17 & 19 which was held at Mayo Collage Girls School, Ajmer from 5th to 9th August 2018. All the girls performed well and were appreciated. Names of the participants are as follows-1.PAKI GUPTA 2.LAVANYA GANDHI 3.PALOMI JAIN 4.PRITIKA PRADHAN5.SHREYA PRASAD 6.SUKANYA DUBEY 7.SONGMEE LIMBOO 8.BHUMIKA SINGH 9.AARUSHI PANDEY 10.PUNSHIBI KONSAM 11.CINDRELA JOHN 12.ANIBEN RAI 13.TANVI SINGH 14.ZOYA AMAL RAKESHI 15.RIDDHI AGRAWAL.

AUG 04

Incharge– Ms. Neeraj Ghai

Students of Entrepreneurship class XI-C were exposed to an entrepreneurial venture 'Learn to Earn' on 4th August. They observed the very short term demand of friendship bands, cards and dream catchers at SKV as friendship day was approaching near. They took a loan of Rs. 3,000 from Entrepreneurship cell Fund and manufactured the items. The venture earned a profit of Rs. 6,785 .Students transferred Rs. 2,000 to the fund and the balance of Rs. 4,785 was utilized to purchase utility items for Kerala Flood Victims. The event sensitized the students for real life experience of business activity and to act as responsible citizens of the country.

AUG 03

Inter House Cricket(Open)

Inter House Cricket(Open)
Incharge– HoD Sports

AUG 03

Venue- MJS Hall Incharge– Indu Chaturvedi

Hindi poetry writing workshop was held on 3 of August in MJS Hall. Author and poetess Dr Urmila Tomar of K R G college was the guest speaker for the event.
She showed the pictures of famous Hindi poets and made us understand the different styles of poetry writing. She discussed with us the writing of "Chayavaad". She told that "Bhaav" is the most important part of a poem.
She gave the students some topics to write small poetry pieces on the students enthusisastically participated in this activity and showcased their briliance in writing poems. Gaurvi Bharuka of grade XI presented a book of self composed poems to the guest.
Dr Urmila guided and encouraged the students to write poems and take part in the Hindi Literature with more interest and enthusiasm.