DEC 31

New Year's Eve

DEC 25


DEC 22

• Check out for Winter Break from 9:00 a.m.
• PTM – Classes X and XII 9.00 a.m. onwards

Venue-MJS Hall

DEC 17

Pre Board I (Class X,XII) ends

DEC 15

Maths Quiz (VI-VIII)

Venue-MJS Hall

InCharges: A.Deodhar, S.Saxena, A.Ashdhir, P.Ailani

DEC 15

Field Visit (IX)

In charge : M Dixit

DEC 15

Venue- LNIPE, Gwalior Incharge : Shakuntla Tripathy

On 15th December 2018 a group of 10 students went to LNIPE to participate In the Sahodaya Athletic Meet 2018-19. The event began with March past followed by a numbers of events like 100m, 200m. 400m, 4X100m Relay. Our school participated in all the events and brought many Laurels for the School. SKV stood 1st in 4X100m Relay Juniors & Seniors. Nritya Pillai received the best Athletic Trophy.

DEC 13

Venue- Madhuvan Publishers at Horizon Plaza, Gwalior

On the 13th of December 2018, a language workshop for Hindi teachers was organized by Madhuvan Publishers at Horizon Plaza, Gwalior. The speaker was Dr. Syed Mateem Ahmad from NCERT. Attending this workshop from SKV was Ms. Adarsh Sharma and Ms. Indu Chaturvedi. Focusing on the teaching of both Hindi and Sanskrit, the workshop communicated the idea that current technological innovations could be effectively harnessed in teaching language skills and, thereby, make the lessons more interesting for 21st century students.
Using the catch-phrase "burden-less study", the workshop provided an excellent opportunity to keep in touch with modern pedagogical trends. The participants were shown how audio-visuals could be used to teach grammar and, thereby, make lessons more motivating for students of various ages to learn.
Activity based and inquire based learning was also brought up at the workshop. We were shown how an active and student-centric classroom can engage students effectively in the learning process every step of the way. This would then enable learners to enhance their language skills through the basis of inquiry and application.
Books pertaining to the NCERT curriculum and notes on the teaching of Hindi grammar and composition were also provided to us.
The workshop was a learning experience for the attending teachers, who, in turn, will share the knowledge and expertise they have gained with others in the department through in-school professional development sessions.

DEC 08

InCharge- Mr. V.S.Pandi & Dr. B.Mehta.

Defense Research and Development Establishment (DRDE) , Gwalior organized Science exhibition on 8th December, 2018 on the theme – Science and Conservation of Natural Resources. Six students, namely Aarushi Pandey, Ishita shivhare, Ojaswi Mehta, Sanvi Agarwal, Vaishnavi Agarwal and Zoya Amal Rakeshi from class IX presented an exhibit showing the conservation of water through rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, effluent treatment plant, vertical farming; conservation of fossil fuel was shown use of solar energy, wind mills and use of CNG, biogas plant; conservation of soil was shown by step farming on hills, organic farming, forestation; conservation of air was shown use of scrubbers/ electrostatic precipitators in the industries and use of CNG in vehicles. Students did a lot of research work and learned many new concepts during the preparation of the model. During the exhibition students were able to confidently explain their exhibit.
Some of the other exhibits were on generating electricity by burning plastic; charging of mobile by piezoelectric effect of special shoes, conservation of water by having alternate canal system in place at the time of floods, porous concrete for roads to avoid flooding, etc.
DRDE science exhibition has given exposure to our students and the lesson learnt was to be innovative; as innovation is key to development in future.

DEC 07

Pre Board I (Class X, XII) begins

DEC 03

Inter- House Light Music Vocal (Open)

Venue- MJS Hall

In charge- Ms. P. Banerjee

DEC 03

Inter House Classical Dance Competition (Srs)

Venue- MJS Hall

In charge- Ms. M Sharma and Ms. K. Pillai

DEC 03

On 3rd December 2018, 95 students of Class X and 8 escort teachers went on a field trip to the Chhatris of Scindia Dynasty and the Government Institute of Fine Arts, Gwalior.
The Chhatris are the memorials of Scindia rulers of Gwalior and one of the prominent attractions in the city of Gwalior. These are located in a beautiful garden and is renowned for its architectural brilliance and beautiful structures. These Chhatris preserve the beauty of the medieval period and are decorated with stone carvings of elephants, horses and tigers.
The Government Institute of Fine Arts is one of the oldest art institutions of India. It has foundational courses and specialized courses.
As it was an International Handicapped Day, the students could witness a painting competition in progress. As they went around the college, we were mesmerized by the beautiful sculptures, paintings, clay modeling, and sketching - some displayed and some still in progress.
It was a very enriching experience and the students came back with knowledge of art and architecture from this field trip.

DEC 03

Visit to Conservation Park- Class VI

In charge – Ms. P.Khichi

DEC 02

Duration- 1st to 2nd December, 2018 InCharge- Mr. V.S.Pandi & Dr. B.Mehta.

A two day workshop on Quadcopter Robotics was conducted by Mr. S. Gupta from Vigyantaram, IIT Mumbai, in our campus, on 1st and 2nd December, 2018. Seventy five students from classes VI to XII participated in the work shop.
On the first day, different components used in assembling a robot, like Arduino UNO board, resistors, diode, etc were explained. Students were briefly introduced to programming; each group of students tried some variations of programming. Students were shown a robot whose movements were controlled by mobile phone through blue tooth.
On the second day of the workshop, the components of the QUADCOPTER were explained and their assembly procedure was demonstrated. Following the instructions, each group assembled a quadcopter and the last session was fly the quadcopter in the Vijaya Garden.
Students had joyous learning experience as they picked up the basic concepts of robotics.

DEC 01

Visit to Aaganwadi/Nursery School/Day Care Centre/Creche – Class XI (H.Sc. Students)

In charge- Ms. S. Choudhary

DEC 01

Visit of Class XI (Commerce)

InCharge- Ms. A. Khurana

DEC 01

Field visit– Classes XI & XII (Science)

In charges – Dr.B.Mehta & Ms. S.Bhatnagar

DEC 01

Sanskrit Workshop – Classes VI to X (Sanskrit Students)

Venue- MJS Hall

In charge- Ms. I. Chaturvedi

DEC 01

Time- 6.00PM Venue- MJS Hall InCharge- HM/HM's

Madhavi House had its entertainment night on 1st Dec.2018. The chief guest of the event was Ms. Isabell Boyer. The event was dedicated to her as she is to leave soon for her home, Germany. She was gifted a handmade painting by the captain of Madhavi House, Harmanjot Kaur. The ENT was centered on a middle class family depicting the importance of television as a source of entertainment in our modern times. The performances that were put up were shown as television shows that the members of the family wished to watch. They included various dance performances, a band performance, self-composed poems, a cartoon show, fashion show and the finale slam poetry by Riya Gurnani and Sukanya Dubey. The programme was a grand success and every one enjoyed a lot.