JUN 30

Venue- MJS Hall Incharge- Ms. S. Luthra

An entertainment evening was organized for new admissions on 30th June in the MJS hall. All students witnessed the program. They were supposed to be seated by 6:30 pm in the MJS hall.
The program started with orchestra based on raga Hansdhwani. In this raga DHAIVAT Swar is prohibited. A group of 12 girls of class XII participated in the orchestra.
Kathak tarana in teentaal was performed by a mixed group of girls from classes 7-9. They performed various bol and showed footwork with excellence.
Western band society of our school played two songs. One, was LAZY by Bruno Mars and the other was a Hindi song titled SHAAM, which is originally sung by Amit Trivedi. The accompanists were:
• Keyboard: Suramya Rajalim
• Kalimba: Aniben Rai
• Lead Singers: Naavya Thapa and Mongmit Lepcha
• Guitar: Rosal Jain
• Ukulele: Shrishti Kiran Chettri
• Kahon: Pritika Pradhan
Vidhi Kadam of class 10th added a new moon to the evening by her Gazal TUM KO DEKHA…. Sung by Jagjit Singh. Muskan Kaushik sung AAJ JAAANE KI ZIDD NAA KARO by the artist Farida Khanum.
Western dance group gave rocking performances in various dance styles like hip-hop, a style that involves the music as well as a style of dressing called, Urban Clothing. Contemporary, an expressive style of dance and Bollywood free style Gulabo.
The evening was enjoyed by the entire SKV Family, the performing arts society, with all their hard work and dedication made the evening a memorable one.

JUN 29

Venue- MJS Hall Time: 2:45PM to 4:45PM Incharge- Maths Department

On 29th june a movie was organised for classes IX, X and mathematics students of class XI and XII by mathematics department in MJS hall at 2: 45pm to 4:45 pm.
Name of the movie was " A man who knew infinity " .The movie was based on life history of great Indian mathematician "Srinivasa Ramanujan".
In the movie his struggle was shown . He did lots of work for proving the mathematical formulae. His work was recognized after his death . It was really a heart touching and inspiring movie and gave message to children for hard work. Students liked the movie and came to know about the contributions of Srinivasa Ramanujan in mathematics.

JUN 25

Incharges- Meghna Sharma

Chhau workshop was conducted from 25th June to 10th July 2018 by Gurushree Tarapada and the 4 musician from TARAPADA Chhau Dance Academy, Puruliya, West Bengal. Chhau dance is the folk dance tradition of West Bengal. In this workshop total 32 girls from class 6th to class 12th participated. Girls were devided in two groups, named group A- the Junior group (class 6-8) and Group B- Senior group (class 9-12).
Girls learnt Chhau dance on two different themes. Jr group A girls were taught on Sita Haran of Ramayana and Group B girls were taught on Mohini Bhasmasur. Through this learning girls came to know about the pure technique of Chhau dance tradition. The group of trainees have brought a mask to put more knowlwdge of the same. Girls wore the mask individually and experienced the role.
Thanks to Principal ma'am to give this opertunity to learn this new dance form.
Meghna Sharma, Dance Teacher

JUN 25

Venue– Classrooms  Incharges– Teachers of English(to conduct in their own period)

Result - Hand Writing Competition was held on 25th June 2018 in the respective classes.
  • XII- 1st Muskaan Girhotra, 2nd Disha Modi
  • XI- 1st Aarya Garg, 2nd Pritika Pradhan
  • X- 1st Anushree Kanod, 2nd Muskaan Kaushik
  • IX- 1st Sanjana Gurung, 2nd Khushi Agrawal (IX C)
  • VIII- 1st Rishika Gupta, 2nd Aakanksha Singh
  • VII- 1st Priyamvada Roy, 2nd Maahi Gupta
  • VI- 1st Aanvi Dhoreliya, 2nd Aashi Singh