NOV 30

InCharge- Ms. Adarsh Sharma

The journey by bus to Narayan Vridh Ashram, an old people's home, commenced at 9:00 a.m. It was an exciting bus ride, as the students were anticipating meeting and talking to a group of people they had never met before, and they were curious to know more about them. To while away the journey, everyone sang and played games. The time and the miles flew past and soon the bus came to a halt at the destination – a beautiful architecture of a temple. In a reverent manner, the students trooped in and sat down quietly. They were soon greeted by a lady, who gave them background information about the old age home. It was interesting but sad to learn about the old people who lived there and how they were left behind by their own children. It was a sad thing to realize that there are children in this world who abandon their parents in their old age, despite the fact that they were well looked after by them. The atmosphere was very poignant, so the students made an attempt to cheer up the old folks by entertaining them with a special programme that they had prepared.The first item was a song which was on the theme of promoting happiness and love among everyone. Then the children enacted a short play that spread the message of kindness, and how important this was in making a person's life much better. The story of the play was about a boy who lost his eyesight in an accident, and how his father, who also met with an accident, donated his eyes to his son before he died. The father was an old man by then, but his gift to his son was a gesture of love that showed how strong the bond between parent and child could be, and how love can turn people's lives around for the better. After that Manasvi Mudgal recited a poignant poem, followed by a song that brought about a happy mood. The students also had an interactive session with the inmates of the home and learnt a lot about the lives of these wonderful old people. They were delighted to meet a lady who said that she was 100 years old! Some of the other ladies started singing and it was lovely to see them forget about their sad lives - for a while at least. Before saying goodbye, the students distributed apples to everyone. They also presented the old folks with some craft work that they had made. On the way back, the students enjoyed their return journey by clapping hands and singing songs; however, the merriment was slightly tinged by the memory of the sad lives of the loveable old people that they had left behind. They all agreed that they had learnt the lesson that children, when they grow up, should treasure their parents and look after them with loving kindness.

NOV 30

InCharge- Ms. R. Pathak

The dairy industry in India has been witnessing a rapid growth. The main objective of the Indian dairy industry is to manage their resources effectively and, through the use of innovative technologies, enhance milk production and upgrade milk processing in the country.
To learn about this, approximately 58 students of classes VIII A, B and C, along with five escorts - Ms. Ranjana, Ms. Kavita Pillai, Ms. Poonam, Ms. Nabia and Ms. Ayushi – visited Puralite Dairy and Agri Farms Private Limited on 30th November 2018. At the farm we discovered that they had around 200 cattle bred originally from Holland that could produce milk up to 22-35 litres. The students learnt that the process actually starts with the segregation of healthy cows from the diseased ones. The healthy, milk producing cattle are then sent to the Milking Parlour for the extraction of milk using a milking machine with 8 pulsing tubes that apply varying degrees of pressure in the process of milking. The milk is then collected in tanks. It was interesting to note seemed that only healthy cows were allowed to move forward for milking, thus ensuring the good quality of the milk. The whole process was efficiently mechanized to safeguard milk that was free of bacteria.
The children were shown pasteurization machines. They also learnt about an HCR App which sends messages to a smartphone that would help identify diseased cows and promptly treat them. The students also saw the packaging process where the milk was packed in pouches. The product incubation room was used for chilling products and storing them in a clean environment. The finished products produced by this dairy included paneer, shrikhand, yogurt, curd, and sweet and sour lassi. Before leaving, the group got the chance to sample some of these products, which they were told were delivered to 600 homes and many institutions around Gwalior. This visit was, indeed, an educational experience.

NOV 28

Field Visit- Class IX

Incahrges- Ms. K. Rajeshwari & Ms. S. Luthra

NOV 28

Field Visit Class X

Incharge- Ms. Suneeta Sharma

NOV 27

Venue-Computer Lab InCharge B. Saxena

As in previous years, an Inter-House Calendar Cover Page Competition was held over 3 days from 27th November to 1st December 2018. There were two participants from each house, competing in an open category. Students were encourage to give full reign to their creative skills in order to design SKV's calendar for the new year. Selection of the best photographs were made on the following criteria: 1) Vision 2) Originality 3) Creativity 4) Over all Impact The result of the event is as follows:- Vasundhara House – 1st Yashodhara House – 2nd Madhvi House --- 3rd

NOV 27

Inter-House Instrumental Solo (Open)

Venue- MJS Hall

Incharge- Mr. M. Khan

NOV 27

On the 27th November 2018, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya organised a mini college fair where both national and international universities and colleges visited the school and interacted with the students. The universities represented at the fair were Vancouver Island University, King's University College, University of Victoria, York University, Royal Roads University, NIIT and Universal Business School of Mumbai. The delegates from these universities interacted with the students of classes 11 and 12 and gave them information about various courses on offer, the admission criteria and the application processes.

NOV 26

Duration- 26 to 30 November 2018 Incharges- Shakuntla Tripathy

11 girls of SKV Volleyball team were escorted by Mrs.Sukla Bose for CBSE Volleyball Nationals held at National Public School,Yamunanagar,Haryana from 26th of November to 30th November 2018.There were total 34 teams from across the country and teams from Dubai and Oman . It was a very enriching experience for the SKV team.Every body appreciated them for team coordination,dicipline and sportsmanship. Name of participants are as follows. Lhakmith Sherpa , Saraswati Gurung , Revika Rai, Renuka Sharma, Riddhi Agrawal, Jhanvi Saraswat of class XI , Ritobina Dey , Rinchen Ongmu Bhutia of class IX, Bimala Subba class X, Yashika Patni of class VIII, Esha Mishra of class XII.

NOV 26

Venue- MJS Hall Incharge- O.P. Bhargava and Vinay Rathod

On the 26th November an inter-house classical Instrumental duet compaction was organized at SKV. All four houses participated in it with two participants from each house. All houses performed very well.
Madhavi House: Pratika Bisht and Prachi Chib performed Raga Malkauns, one of the most beautiful and popular raagas in Hindustani Classical Music. It is in the scale of Bhairavi Thaat with komal and shuddha notes being used. The raag follows the ascending pattern of Sa Ga Ma Dha Ni Sa. The raag is said to have evolved when Lord Shiva performed the Taandava dance. The raag thus evokes a feeling of vigour. Accompanied by Jugnoo Verma on the tabla, members of the house performed Aroh Avroh Pakad Maseetkhani Gat Razakhani Gat Taans and Jhala in teental
Usha House: Khushika Magnani and Valentina performed raag Bhimpalasi. This raag is in Thaat Kafi. It was an effective performance. From this house the performers played Aroh Avroh Pakad Maseetkhani Gat Razakhani Gat Taans and Jhala in teental.
Vasundhara House: Mehak Bhati and Ananya Saxena played Raga Bhairav. They played Aroh Avroh Pakad Maseetkhani Gat Razakhani Gat Taans and Jhala in teental
Yashodhara House: Khushi Singhal and Shivani Sumra played Raga Bageshree, also in Kafi Thaat.They played Aroh Avroh Pakad Maseetkhani Gat Razakhani Gat Taans and Jhala in teental
The results of the competition were: 1st prize Vasundhara House, 2nd prize Usha House, 3rd prize shared by Yashodhara House Madhavi House.

NOV 26

Inter-House Instrumental Solo(Open)

Venue- MJS Hall

Incharge- Mr. M. Khan

NOV 26

Venue- Chitrangada Bhawan Incharge- Vaishali shrivastava

The Inter-Class Hindi Kavita Path Competition was held at Chitrangada Bhavan in Scindia Kanaya Vidyalaya on 26 November for the junior classes of 6 and 7. Three students participated from each class. The general topic of all the poems recited at the competition was desh prem. The judges for the competition were Ms. Nabia Fatima, Mrs. Priyanka and Mrs. Arnima.
Kalpana from class 6 A, recited the poem Bharatvarsh Hamara Hai, while Sherya Agrawal recited a poem entitled Tujhe Kuch Aur Bhi Doon, which was about what we can give to our country. Navya Agrawal chose the poem Bhade Chalo by Dwarika Prasad Maheswari.
From 6 B, Manasvi Mudgal recited the poem Khooni Hsatakshar by Gopal Prasad Vyasa, while Aanvi Dhoreliya's poem was Aaj Tiranga Fahrata Hai, which was about the pride we take in our national flag. Divija Dhaiya chose the piece Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna.
Moving on to Class 7 A, Sanskriti Patidar gave a rendition of the poem Jhansi ki Rani, while Mahi Gupta recited a poem on the Shaheed Jawans of our country. Keeping up the patriotic theme was Nritya Pillai with a poem based on revolution that was titled Aaj Kraanti Phir Lani Hai.
From class 7 B, Vibhuti Singh recited a poem on Freedom, Navya Wadhwa recited the poem Aisa Hindustan Banayange, followed by Pakhi Gupta with the poem Aag Bahut si Baki Hai.
The position holders at this competition were as follows:- From Class VI
Mansvi Mudgal -first position, Navya Agrawal -second position, Aanvi Dhoreliya- third position
From Class VII
Sanskriti Patidar - first position, Mahhi Gupta -second position, Nritya Pillai - third position
Overall the competition was a success and the students got to improve their speaking skills and filled their hearts with the feeling patriotism.

NOV 24

• IInd Unit Test(VI-VIII)/IInd Periodic Test(IX-XII) Ends

NOV 24


On 24th November 2018, the school organised "a growth mind-set workshop" for the teaching staff. The resource person was Mr. Dawood Vaid, an educationist and certified trainer, associated with the Sky Education institution. The highlight of the day-long session was mind-set changes from fixed to growth. The session included brainstorming and fun activities, games etc. The discussion revolved around concepts like breaking stereotypes, employing the right methods of praise, understanding our brain, process vs. results and other pedagogical topics. The focus of the training was on ways in which one could bring about positive changes in the field of pedagogy, in order to benefit learners in a classroom setting.

NOV 23

Guru Nanak Jayanti

NOV 21

• Eid

NOV 17

Venue- ITM Global School, Gwalior Incharge- Kavita Pillai

No education is complete without activities that tap into students' creative skills. Prominent among such activities are the visual and performing arts. This was the idea behind NRITYANJALI', the Inter-School Dance Competition, organized by ITM Global School on 17th November'2018. The competition comprised a solo classical and a solo western dance by the juniors, and a contemporary dance along with a group folk dance by the seniors.
SKV participated in the folk dance category, with a dance originating from West Bengal's Purulia district called "Chhau", which is an enactment through dance of Mahishasura Mardini, a mythological episode of Durga killing the buffalo daemon. This was SKV's item for the group folk dance. The school bagged the first position out of ten schools that participated in the same category!
This event provided both students and teachers with an opportunity to learn about the Chhau tradition, while expressing themselves freely in this art form.

NOV 14

Incharges- Staff Secretaries

Children's Day at SKV was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The children were dressed in informal Indian attire. To entertain the children were various categories of staff that included teachers, the administrative department and the house mothers. The program included a motivational speech by Principal Ma'am, a group song, a duet song, a fashion show (with a "twist"), a traditional dance in ethnic Indian attire and a parody staged by the teachers. The fashion show presented by the administrative department was an enjoyable surprise! The students found themselves at a loss for words to see their house mothers dressed in their school uniforms. A special menu was on the cards for the entire day. To make the day even sweeter, chocolates were distributed to all the students. It was a day of fun and feasting, set aside to acknowledge the children in our care.

NOV 14

Duration- 12 to 14 November 2018 Incharges- Shakuntla Tripathy

23 girls participated in the all India IPSC Athletics for girls U-19, 2018-19, held at Punjab Public School, Nabha from 12th to 14 November 2018.The team stood fifth out of seventeen participating schools and got 8 medals. Diki Choden Bhutia of class XI established a new meet record in the Javelin Throw for girls U-19 of 36.54 mts. Ashna Agarwal of class IX is selected for SGFI Nationals U-17,Isha Khan class VIII U14, and Mahek Bhat, Antara Singh of class XII, Sneha Patel,Diki C Bhutia of class XI, Sleemit Lepcha of class X. The positions are: Diki Choden Bhutia XI Gold Sneha Patel XI Gold, Mehak Bhati XII Silver, Antara Singh XII Silver, Chung Chung Bhutia XI Silver, Sleemit Lepcha X Silver, Mehak Bhati XII Bronze, Chung Chung Bhutia XI Bronze

NOV 14

Inter-House Dress Designing from Discards Competition (Srs.) ends

Venue- MJS Hall (Display)

Incharge- Ms. S. Choudhary

NOV 12

TEST Start

• IInd Unit Test (VI-VIII) begins
• IInd Periodic Test (IX-XII) begins
• Mid Down Examination (XI) begins

NOV 11

Check in after Diwali Break

NOV 10

Incharge- K.Rajeswari

4th November- Sunday Children were shifted to Yashodhara House after tea. A cooking session of Indian food was organized for five girls from Class XII and Ms. Isabel. The delicious food was enjoyed by all.
5th November -Monday Forty-nine children and seven escorts, including Ms. Isabel and a male security guard, went to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal. This excursion to India's most famous historical attraction was enjoyed by all and ended with a modern touch - a visit to KFC for lunch. We returned back on the same day in the evening.
6th November- Tuesday Some of the senior students participated in a saree draping session and had a lot of fun. Later, all students enjoyed a movie in MJS Hall where snacks and cold drinks were provided to all.
7th November- Wednesday Diwali day. Children enjoyed a safe and fireworks-free festival with rangoli and mehndi making events and had a lot of fun. In the evening Diwali pooja was performed under the guidance of our beloved Principal Ma'am.
8th November- Thursday Children had special tea and a dance party in the skating rink.
9th November- Friday The students watched a movie at DD mall with popcorn and cola provided.
10th November- Saturday Students were provided with internet hours in the school computer lab.
11th November- Saturday Children were shifted back to their respective hostels after breakfast. Amidst their busy schedule, they were given enough time to prepare for their periodic/midterm/unit tests which were scheduled to commence on the very next day.

NOV 03

Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya celebrated its 62nd Founder's Day and Annual Sport Meet on November 3rd 2018. The day was a celebration and an acknowledgement of the endeavours of our students in the fields of both sports and academics.
The Chief Guest for the occasion was Ms. Kamaljeet Sandhu Kooner, an alumnus of the 1966 batch. She is a Padma Shri Awardee and a gold medallist at the Asian Games of 1970. She bears the distinction of being the first woman from India to win a Gold at any Asian Games and the only woman on the Indian contingent at the Summer Olympics in 1972, Munich. The Principal Ms. Nishi Misra , Vice Principal Ms. Naina Dhillon , our Bursar Mr Mayank Madhukar, members of our Governing Body - Dr. V.K. Gangwal , Ms. Kirti Phalke - and the entire staff of SKV were present .
Demonstrating their talents were around 400 girls of Classes VI to XII who performed yoga exercises and a dance extravaganza, depicting dances from around the world. The enthralling performances were highly appreciated by all. These performances were choreographed, conceptualised and directed by a professional choreographer and instructor, Mr. Uma Shankar Khilnani from Mumbai.
Students also demonstrated their skills in Taekwondo and Karate under the guidance of Mr … and Ms…………. respectively.
Further, as part of the celebration, the academics and sports achievements of the students were commemorated, with prizes for sports and academics for the year 2017-18 being handed out to high achievers. The Best House Trophy was awarded to Vasundhara House and the Best House in March Past was won Madhavi House.
The prestigious Vijaya Award was conferred upon Ms. Kamaljeet Sandhu Kooner. In her address to the school, Ms. Kooner appreciated the wonderful performance of the girls in all spheres of school life, to the extent that she wished she could rewind the clock to be a SKVian once again and participate in such wonderful events that were wanting during her time in school. She praised the skills demonstrated on the field that day and even favourably compared the dance carnival to the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games!
In her annual report, the principal, Ms. Mishra, highlighted the achievements of the school in various spheres.
The celebrations ended with the retreat ceremony after which the School Head Girl, Sukanya Dubey proposed the vote of thanks.

NOV 02

Those schoolgirl days, of telling tales and biting nails are gone. But in our minds, I know that they will still live on and on.
The above lines from the evergreen song "To Sir with Love", captures most succinctly the mood of the evening, when students from the recent and not so recent past, gathered together at their Alma Mater to re-live "those school girl days" once again.
The annual SOGA gathering for 2018 was celebrated by the SKV Links Society on 2nd November 2018. Ms. Kamaljeet Sandhu Kooner was the Chief Guest on this nostalgic occasion. Ms. Kooner is from the 1966 batch of students, and has brought the school and the country great honour, being the first Indian woman athlete to win a gold medal at any Asian games, when she represented India in the Bangkok games in 1970, and two years later was the only woman selected for the Indian contingent at the Olympics in Munich. She has received the Padma Shri award in the year 1971.
After the welcome address by Principal Ma'am, the Music Society of SKV presented the India Music Orchestra performing Raag Basant- Bhairavi, which was followed by a musical entitled A Tale of Sun and Moon, directed by Ms. Isabell Boyer, an intern at SKV from Germany. The grand finale was the prize winning Chhau Dance presented by the Dance Society of SKV. This is a traditional dance that hails from the Purulia district of West Bengal. In her address to the gathering, Ms. Kooner recollected her school days and shared some of her memories. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by the School Head Girl, Sukanya Dubey.

NOV 02

Duration- 2nd and 3rd November 2018 Venue- MJS Hall Incharge- Dr. Arnima Rastogi.

The IPSC Visual Art Festival was held on 2nd and 3rd November 2018. It was hosted by Welham Girls' School, Dehradun. The competition was open to students of classes IX- XII. Fifteen students from SKV participated in various events. The participants were Samridhi, Priya Gupta, Shreya Prasad, Shreya Luniyal, Naina Singhi, SANDEEPANI Vatsa, Mahima Dagar, Chewang Lepcha, Kingxong Doma Bhutia, Shruti Agrawal, Namrata Shivani, Vasudha Singhania, Ishita Bansal, Mishika Agrawal, Yaisina Phajoubam.
During the fest, an art camp for the escorts was organized over two days.
The first day's events included: still life study, cartooning, pottery making, outdoor studies, photography and advertisement designing, dressmaking, mural painting, composing, macramé, bookbinding, and digital art. A fashion show brought the first day's events to a close.
The second day of the fest featured wire sculpturing and relief sculpturing, alpana making, some more photography and advertisement designing and embroidery work.
Participants from SKV stood first in macramé (Chewang and Kingxong), pottery (Chewang and Mahima), relief sculpture (Mahima and Kingwong), embroidery (Shruti), and third in alpana making (Shreya Luniyal). Congratulations to all!

NOV 01

Dress Rehearsal (Sports' Day)