OCT 27


OCT 12

Annual Sports Day

Parent-Teacher Meeting

Incharge- Vice Principal

IB Orientation

MJS Hall 11:30 - 12:30 AM

Incharge- Mr P Strange

Univariety Alumni Helpdesk

Incharge- Ms. N. Fatima

Birth Anniversary of H.H. RajmataVijayaRajeScindia

Incharge- Ms.Maheshwari & Yashodhara House

Promap Session for Parents by Univariety

Incharge- Ms. N. Fatima

OCT 10

Inter House Needlework Display and Judgement

Incharge- Ms. S. Chaudhary

OCT 09

Dress Rehearsal-Sports Day

OCT 08


Arena 7:00 PM

Incharge- Usha House

Founders Schedule to be followed

OCT 03

HMs Meeting with Principal

Conference Room 5:00 PM

Health and Hygiene Checkup III(VI-XII) ends

Incharge- Dr. A. Mittal

OCT 02

GandhiJayanti-Special Assembly

MJS Hall

Incharge- Ms. S. Luthra